SIRIUS Stiletto 2 and XM XMp3

What options does the SIRIUS Stiletto 2 have? What options does the XM XMp3 have?

In a Head to Head breakdown of features here is what I found:

Radio Sirius Stiletto 2
Satellite Service Sirius Satellite Radio XM Satellite Radio
Screen Size 2 1/4” 2 3/4”
WiFi Compatible



Internal Storage Space 2gb 2gb
Memory Card Compatible up to 16gb on a MicroSD Card up to 16gb on a MicroSD Card
Weight 4.3oz 2.5oz
Music Files Supported Mp3/WMA Mp3/WMA
Simultaneous Channel Recording Only 1 Satellite Channel at a time Up to 5 Satellite Channels at a time
Home or Car Kit Included No Home Kit Included

So who wins in the battle? You do. Both receivers are quality products that both have something different to bring to the table. I couldn’t pick one or the other to say, “it’s a better receiver”. Each receiver is designed to carry different attributes, so don’t think of them as rivals, but more as teammates.

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