SIRIUS/Mp3 Audio Integration

How to integrate SIRIUS or an Mp3 Player Audio in your Car and Home

Installing a SIRIUS Satellite Radio is very close to installing an Mp3 in your car. Both types of media need basically the same thing. Below is a simple breakdown of how to integrate these into your car and home.

SIRIUS/Mp3 Integration in a Vehicle:

Note:You must install the SIRIUS Car Kit-for Satellite Radio, this always the first step.

In a car both units need an audio connection. This can be done several different ways based upon the desired quality. For the highest quality, I would suggest an Aux-Input. These units install to the back of the car stereo headunit and have RCA input cables that run up to the source, whether a SIRIUS Radio or Mp3 device. Most of the these units use the simple headphone jack 1/8” however for specfic Mp3 devices (ie. iPod) have specific connectors that allow for more than just an audio connection. See Here for iPod Integration

SIRIUS/Mp3 vehicle integration devices can be found HERE

Also another great devices for iPods and SIRIUS is the Audio Cassette Adapter, this device is simply as can be. Plug the cassette into your vehicle’s cassette player and extend the cable to your SIRIUS Dock or Mp3 and Done! Check them out HERE

SIRIUS/Mp3 Integration in the Home:

SIRIUS Satellite Radio and Mp3 devices can use many of the same equipment to be installed in the home. If you have a home stereo receiver, simply connecting your SIRIUS Home dock to the RCA Audio Input in the Home Stereo would give you a great quality sound. If you do own a newer SIRIUS Satellite Radio that utilizes the Universal Style Dock or the Sirius Stiletto Series, and if you own an iPod than we have a great product to be able to dock both of those and play/charge them:

Sirius Soloist Universal Sound System

This sound system also has an AUX-Input for use with standard Mp3 players.

There is a seemingly endless count of devices and equipment to Integrate SIRIUS Radios and Mp3 Players in vehicles and the home. If you have any questions on how to hook up your vehicle or connect your home to these devices please feel free to give me a call up 773-772-4340 ask for Josh or shoot me an email: . Thanks!

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