New Satellite is turned on

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As some of you may have heard, the new SIRIUS Satellite is up and running. Across the web, blogs and websites are announcing the new satellite being activated, however here at TSS-Radio, we would like to know: Has your Signal changed today/recently? Have you experienced any kind of signal strength increase?

We would like to find out from as many people possible,  how the new satellite is helping people enhance their signal-a simple way to judge is to check you SIRIUS Radio’s Signal Indicator.

Checking your SIRIUS Signal is simple and can help you diagnose any Signal issues you may have, here is how you check your signal:

1. Turn your SIRIUS Radio on

2. Press the Menu button (on some radios, you may have to press and hold the menu button to access the menu)


4. Select that option

5. You will now see two different gauges, One says “TER” or “T” the other is “SAT” or “S”

6. Note how many bars are filled in

The “TER” means your Terrestrial signal-basically the signal that comes from on the ground SIRIUS repeaters in your local area. The “SAT” mean Satellite signal-bascially the signal that comes from the SIRIUS Satellite orbiting overhead. The “SAT” should be the one affected with this new satellite turning on.

If you could send us your findings and the area you live in, that would be fantastic. We are curious to see the affect and what we can look to expect from the new SIRIUS Satellite. Thank You.

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32 Responses to “New Satellite is turned on”

  1. robert paulson says:

    Yes! It didn’t occur to me until I read your blog. No dropouts for me today! NONE.
    I’ll even make a confession, after breaking two antennas on my car, I installed new ones on the dashboard, so
    I’m not really set up optimally. I didn’t look at the signal indicator, but I will tomorrow. It’s pointless for me to check my home setup, ’cause I did a rooftop install and get a good signal regardless.

    Woohoo, I’m stoked!

  2. Danny Leifel says:

    On Sep 3: In Bloomington. Illinois. Now receiving on Stilletto 2 headset inside my house where previously not able to receive.

    • Josh says:

      That’s Awesome Danny, Let me know if you get better signal in other areas too, but in-house Satellite Reception is fantastic! Thanks for commenting!

  3. jesus mondragon says:

    I used to have dropouts when listening to Sirius Pops (strangely only on that channel). From tuesday on I have no dropouts and get 3 bars out of 3 in my Stiletto 100 and also in my car’s Sirius One. Great news !!!!

  4. robert paulson says:

    Hi Josh, I’m on an Sl2. The dashboard thing works 90% of the time. I get drops only under heavy foliage.

    New sat;
    1) built-in antenna inside house=some signal 25%
    2) headphone antenna inside house=25-50%
    3) built-in antenna outside=30-60%, pretty good unless under trees.
    4) headphone antenna=50-75%, uninterrupted much improved, no drops even under trees.

  5. Joe says:

    I get a Sirius signal now in covered areas, such as bank drive thrus, gas stations, fast food drive lanes and under highway overpasses that I didn’t before. My signal at home has increased from 5 bars to 8 here in Phoenix. However, my terrestrial signal went from 2 bars to zero.

  6. doug says:

    Located on the Border of Bellevue and Kirkland Washington
    I’ve never been able to get a signal that lasted more than a few hours at my apartments. I constantly needed to move the antenna outside. The signal came in at 2-3 on both terrestial and Satallite at best and Satallite radio and dropouts or signal unavailable were annoying as to make it for intensive purposes unusable.

    Tried in for the first time in a about a week. Reception is much improved over the past. The signal is steady on 3 for both terrestial and Satallite but I have not had any drop outs and I have not had to move the antennna for the last 8 hours since I turned it on.

  7. david h mokal says:

    No drop outs 7 of 10 bars lit..outside antenna. Terrestrial drop 7 to Boston anntenna west northwest 4:15 pm

    • Josh says:

      Thanks for the Thorough breakdown of the signal bars and the timetable. Have you tried facing your antenna South to see if you get as good of signal?

  8. Randy Gomes says:

    Yes, I’ve noticed a slight improvement under the trees in Palo Alto CA. I often park there at break time. At home my antenna is on the dash of my RV and I listen now with no dropouts whereas the signal used to drop when the sun was directly overhead. Much better! I’m hooked on Sirius!

  9. Noel says:

    Hi, i live in Las Vegas, but I came to Puerto Rico to visit some of my relatives. I brought with me this little Sirius radio, made by Dish. I was trying to get a Sirius signal but all I could get at first was only 1 bar with many drop outs. Then last night I tried again and to my surprise I’m getting 3 bars. Can you imagine 3 bars in Puerto Rico with no drop outs. That’s fantastic. Today, while browsing the web found this website and learned about the new Sirius satellite. Anybody knows when the FCC is going to license the service for Puerto Rico?

    • Josh says:

      “a resolution of the Puerto Rico Senate have called upon the FCC to require the merged company to offer service to the outlying areas of the US within a given timeframe as a condition for the merger.” Sounds like soon!

  10. robert paulson says:

    Well, my dropouts were usually not too severe. I’d say I suffered more from “interruptions”. Heavy foliage is my worst enemy, but there are just certain areas and times of day they get worse.

    Anyway, here is the latest. Listening on Stiletto 2:
    1) Built-in antenna in my house, some reception 25-30%.
    2) Headphone antenna inside house, better 30-50%,
    3) Outside with built-in antenna, 30-60%. Still some drops w foliage, open space=60%.
    4) Outside w headphone antenna, 60-75%, good even under foliage.
    5) Car w dashboard antenna 60-100%.
    6) House, 90-100%

    In case you are not a subscriber and you’re unfamiliar with my reference, anything over 30% is giving me a program and I can hear Sirius. The numbers are only a reference to signal strength on my device. Think of the “bars on your cellphone”.

  11. roger says:

    hi everyone, i have a boom box for a sportster 2, i used to have to put my ant. outside my sliding door, i now dont even have to move the ant and i get a signal two bars allday no drop outs. moving the box around the house their still area’s i cant get a signal but i also get a signal in places where i could never get a signal, a over all improvement. i live in the sacramento area. they need to add more repeaters in the california valley put them all over the place. in my car overall improvement but you know the simplest thing like going under an overpass it will still cut out, that makes no sense to me. if this is one of the most powerful communications sat. ever made u would think that nothing should block its strength. over all a good improvment,impressed.

    • Josh says:

      Hey Roger, I get dropouts sometimes when I go under overpasses and such and I think the most improvements we will see with this new satellite will mostly be in home installation, but obviously car antenna signal will be enhanced as well. What type of antennas are you using? Thanks!

  12. doug says:

    Before I was never able to maintain signal strengh of 3 on either satellite and Terrain at apartments on border of Kirkland/Bellevue Washington. Essentially the radio was unusable because of constantly dropping signal and being forced to constantly more the antenna. I am only using the small antenna that comes with the kit and put it on the outside patio.

    Since the launch of new satellite I was able to maintain 3 strength consistently which provides signal with almost no drop outs. Right now I have an unprecedented 7 strength from the Satellite and I havent heard any dropouts!

    • Josh says:

      That’s Great Doug, keep us posted if anything changes. Next time you order from TSS-Radio ask for Me (Josh) and I’ll throw in some TSS-Radio gear for you.

  13. Pat says:

    Here in the New Orleans Area, the drop offs have gotten worse since the new satellite has been put into place.

  14. sloco says:

    I live in cibolo, texas 78108 ne of san antonio texas, !00% sat. on a dashboard ant. stratus 4 and 5. No dropouts all the way to houston texas, with a dashboard antenna. Sounds better too. No drops what soever.

  15. Joe says:

    Now I have absolutely no drop-outs like I used to, and I am able to receive the signal even at work in a Federal building with the coated window facing away from N/NE!!!

  16. Jim says:

    Yes, great improvement. Live in eastern Michigan on Lake Huron and had to use an internet connection for my SL2 or I would have had to run antenna cable from east side living room to other side of house (for northwestern exposure). Can now place the home dock’s antenna in the southern-facing living room window and signal at 50%+.
    Excellent work Sirius…..
    Another satisfied customer….

  17. Joe says:

    Roseville, Minnesota

    I have not noticed an increase in the satellite signal, but the terrestial signal has basically disappeared.
    I have listened to Sirius for four years using the terrestial signal through my office window but as of 9/14/09 the signal has went to zero. Another person in the building is having the same issue. Is it possible the new satellite could cause this? Have the terrestial repeaters changed?

  18. Dog Logz G says:

    I have noticed a positive change for Sirius signals. I live in a wooded area of CT and since 2005, everyday and every 7 1/2 hours I would get an hour of broken and intermittent signal until the next satellite would become visible. Now I rarely get a dropout.

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