New Satellite is turned on

As some of you may have heard, the new SIRIUS Satellite is up and running. Across the web, blogs and websites are announcing the new satellite being activated, however here at TSS-Radio, we would like to know: Has your Signal changed today/recently? Have you experienced any kind of signal strength increase?

We would like to find out from as many people possible,  how the new satellite is helping people enhance their signal-a simple way to judge is to check you SIRIUS Radio’s Signal Indicator.

Checking your SIRIUS Signal is simple and can help you diagnose any Signal issues you may have, here is how you check your signal:

1. Turn your SIRIUS Radio on

2. Press the Menu button (on some radios, you may have to press and hold the menu button to access the menu)


4. Select that option

5. You will now see two different gauges, One says “TER” or “T” the other is “SAT” or “S”

6. Note how many bars are filled in

The “TER” means your Terrestrial signal-basically the signal that comes from on the ground SIRIUS repeaters in your local area. The “SAT” mean Satellite signal-bascially the signal that comes from the SIRIUS Satellite orbiting overhead. The “SAT” should be the one affected with this new satellite turning on.

If you could send us your findings and the area you live in, that would be fantastic. We are curious to see the affect and what we can look to expect from the new SIRIUS Satellite. Thank You.

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