SiriusXM Commander Touch (SXVCT1) Dash-Mounted, Touchscreen Radio for Your Car

SiriusXM Commander Touch

The SiriusXM Commander Touch (SXVCT1) is a full-color, touchscreen XM radio that mounts on your car’s dash. This vehicle radio is compatible with any car that has either an AUX input (best performance) or FM connection.

It’s a great middleground between a dock & play radio and a fully integrated tuner/integration kit.

The touchscreen radio is mounted on your car’s dash with a flush mounting kit (included). Meanwhile, the tuner itself is installed behind the dash.  This allows for a clean, integrated look. Professional installation is recommended.

Note: The back of the radio has the AMPS 4-bolt screw pattern, which means you can also mount it using a traditional suction cup mount, adhesive mount or vent mount (all sold separately). For bikers, this radio also works with our Motorcycle Mount.

The SiriusXM Commander Touch features Pause-Rewind, TuneStart, TuneMix and more.

The SiriusXM Commander Touch is available on

The entire kit has everything you need to listen to SiriusXM radio on the XM Network. The kit includes:

  1. Touchscreen radio (mounted on your dash) 4.1″ Width x 1.7″ Height x 0.5″ Depth
  2. Commander Touch tuner (that hides behind the dash)
  3. mounting kit
  4. aux cable
  5. NGVA1 car antenna – 23 ft. cable
  6. FMDA25 FM Direct Adapter
  7. power harness (to power the radio without the use of a cigarette lighter jack)

Here is a diagram of how all the connections meet:

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