SiriusXM NGVA3: The Best Satellite Radio Car Antenna on the Market

SiriusXM NGVA3 Car Antenna

The SiriusXM NGVA3 car antenna is SiriusXM’s much-improved magnetic¬† vehicle antenna for your Sirius and XM Dock & Play satellite radios. This low-profile antenna has been tested by SiriusXM to offer substantial improvement in reception for areas with significant cell tower interference.

We’d like to point out that any of the previous Sirius & XM car antennas will be suitable for general use. But this NGVA3 was made for you if you’re one of the few who live in an area where you’re finding it difficult to receive a good signal.

This NGVA3 is compatible with all satellite radio docks with the SMB connection, which means it’ll work with almost all radios, including the XM Onyx, Sirius Stratus, Sirius Sportster and Sirius Starmate radios.

The NGVA3 looks exactly like the NGVA1 with the exception that it says “NGVA3” instead of “NGVA1” on the back of the antenna. The length of the cable is around 23′.

Antenna can be installed anywhere in the car.




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