SiriusXM PowerConnect Vehicle Kit (SXDV3) compatible with both Sirius and XM radios

SiriusXM PowerConnect Vehicle Kit SXDV3, the newest car kit on the SiriusXM market today, is the first of its kind to be compatible with both Sirius and XM radios. Previous car kits were either Sirius-specific (SADV2) or XM-specific (XADV2). The SXDV3 works as an “interoperable” kit by including adapter plates for the vehicle dock that makes it compatible with most of the current Sirius and XM Dock & Play radios (Edge, Onyx, Onyx EZ, Onyx Plus, Sportster 5, Starmate 3-8, Stratus 5-7, XpressR, XpressRC and XpressRCi models).

Other updates:

  • Another major update with the new SXDV3 kit is that the PowerConnect 5 Volt Power Adapters have a reinforced coating to minimize breakage. Hopefully, for the listeners who are always on the move, this will improve the durability of power adapters.
  • The adhesive mount is a circle instead of an oval and has a much wider surface area.
  • The inclusion of a suction cup mount. Previous XM car kits included a suction cup, but not the Sirius car kits.

The SXDV3 includes Vehicle Dock (w/ adapter plates), Suction Cup Mount, Vent Mount, Adhesive Dash Mount, Car Antenna, PowerConnect Power Adapter and Aux-in Cable.

If these new features don’t add any value to your satellite radio use, we recommend sticking with the Refurbished Sirius SADV2 or Refurbished XM XADV2 vehicle kits. Our SiriusXM-factory refurbished car kits continue to be a great value for our customers and contain everything they need (radio sold separately) to get started in the car.

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