Starmate 5 and A la Carte Packages

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Starmate 5-$129.99: Newest Receiver out by SIRIUS Satellite Radio, has ability to receive A la Carte service from SIRIUS.

SIRIUS Packages:

SIRIUS Premier $17.99/month


  • All SIRIUS Channels
  • XM-Oprah
  • XM-Virus(Opie and Anthony)
  • XM-NBA
  • XM-NHL
  • XM-PGA
  • XM-College Sports
  • XM Public Radio

SIRIUS Select $14.49/month


  • All SIRIUS Channels

Family Friendly Premier $15.99/month


  • All Family Friendly SIRIUS
  • SIRIUS+XM Sports
  • XM-Oprah
  • XM Public Radio

Family Friendly Select $13.49/month


  • All Family Friendly SIRIUS Channels

Mostly Music $9.99/month


  • 70 SIRIUS Music Channels
  • Some SIRIUS Family Friendly Talk Channels

News, Sports, and Talk $9.99/month


  • SIRIUS News Channels
  • SIRIUS Sports Channels
  • SIRIUS Talk Channels No Howard Stern Channels
This is the Breakdown of the SIRIUS A la Carte Packages

A la Carte GOLD $15.99/month


A la Carte $7.99/month


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4 Responses to “Starmate 5 and A la Carte Packages”

  1. dale keiper says:

    Why is there no selection of XM and SIRIUS channels combined? I thought A La Carte ment choosing what you wanted from both. SIRIUS should consider a package of your choise of channels from both. I hope somethings in the making of such. thanks Dale Keiper

  2. Robert Paulson says:

    I think we All expected to select our own channels post merger. I still want The Virus, and especially miss Ron and Fez. But, I don’t care about NBA, NHL, PGA or OPRAH(????). I’m sure they’re working on solutions. I did have a StarmateReplay and really liked that, and this seems to be based upon that tuner. I’m sure the tuner is great.

  3. Josh says:

    Choosing A La Carte from both service requires a radio not yet built. Interoperable is the key word you need to look for, that means both SIRIUS and XM capable. However Satellite radios do have the ability to have BEST OF packages, like BEST of XM or BEST of SIRIUS. Basically what this means is they are developing a radio or a way to allow for both services, its just not out yet.

    I will, on this blog, keep everyone posted as well. If you haven’t checked out yet I would suggest taking a look into that. A lot of very qualified SIRIUS/XM people post there. Thanks

  4. Robert Paulson says:

    Thanks Josh. I just stopped over at and it looks like a good board.
    Please don’t get the wrong idea, I LOVE my Stiletto2 and encourage every non-sat listener to get one. The service has really made me happy every day. I guess I just wanted something different that Oprah and sports.

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