Stiletto available for pre-order

We are now making the Sirius Stiletto available for pre-order. This is the email that we sent to our pre-order customers yesterday:

Thank you for joining our Sirius Stiletto pre-order notification list.

As promised, we will keep you updated as we learn more about timing and the details of the Stiletto’s capabilities.

Timing / Order Process

Based upon our latest conversations with SIRIUS and Directed, we expect that the Stiletto will first become available to retailers, including us, near the end of September or in early October.

As a member of our notification list, you have the opportunity to reserve one of the first Stilettos by following this link:

– we expect significant demand for the Stiletto and recommend that, if you want to be one of the first to get one, you reserve it now.

Simply proceed to the above link, add the Stiletto to your card, and checkout. Your credit card will not be charged, we just store your credit card information so that we can charge you when the Stilettosarrive. This process also checks with your bank to ensure that your credit card has capacity for the charge.

We have placed a very large order of Stilettos from SIRIUS and expect to be one of the first retailers to receive them. Upon receiving them we will ship all orders in the order they were received. If you are one of the first several hundred to pre-order, yours will be shipped the day that we receive them, if you are later on our pre-order list yours will probably ship the next day. We expect to ship all pre-ordered Stilettos within 2 days after they arrive.

Details on the Stiletto

The SIRIUS Stiletto SL100PK1 is SIRIUS’ first truly portable device. Unlike previous devices, which can only receiving programming when docked, the Stiletto can receive live programming while undocked. That means that you can listen to SIRIUS live while you are jogging, riding the bus, grocery shopping, etc. However, to receive live programming you must be in an area where you can get reception.

If you are in a big office building, or a very solid home with lots of trees around it, or a concrete bunker, you will not be able to receive  live programming from the satellites.

However, for situations where you cannot get reception, Stiletto can receive live programming via a wireless internet connection. There are two limitations to using the Stiletto in this way. First, you must have access to a wireless network (WiFi, also known as 802.11)We expect that most people will find the

Stiletto’s wireless internet capabilities most useful in their homes and offices where they have a wireless internet connection but would not otherwise get reception.

The Stiletto contains 2GB of flash memory to allow storage of up to 100 Hours of SIRIUS content. By connecting the Stiletto to your PC you can also upload, store and manage MP3 and WMA files for later listening on your Stiletto.

The Screen is brighter and has twice the resolution of the S50 screen.

We have spent significant time playing with a demo Stiletto from SIRIUS and we really like the interface. The navigation on the unit is easy and intuitive, essential for a device of such complex functionality.

Based on our early experiences, we expect there will be far fewer initial problems with the Stiletto than there were with the S50.

Future Firmware updates allow the device to get even better over time.

A big advantage of the Stiletto is that it can download firmware updates from a wireless internet (WiFi/802.11) connection. That means that, if you like, you can use the full functionality of the Stiletto without ever connecting it to a PC (Apple-users will love this).

Firmware updates are optional.

While you don’t need any accessories to get the full functionality of your Stiletto, there are a wide variety of accessories that will allow you to get SIRIUS content in a wide variety of contexts:

The Stiletto Vehicle Kit will allow you to connect the Stiletto to your car stereo and will be available at the same time as the Stiletto

for $69.99 you can pre-order your vehicle kit here –

The Stiletto Home Kit will allow you to connect the Stiletto to your home stereo and will be available at the same time for $69.99 you can pre-order your home kit here –

The Sirius Soloist is a small docking station with built-in cutting edge NXT flat-panel speakers and will be available shortly after the Stiletto for $149.99. The Soloist is perfect for using with your Stiletto in an office or a small room in your house that does not already have a stereo system. You can pre-order your Soloist here

The Stiletto Boombox is a standard SIRIUS boombox that works with the Stiletto and will be available shortly after the Stiletto for $99.99. The Boombox is useful for the deck, a boat, camping or other environments where you want a solution that is rugged and portable. You can pre-order your Stiletto Boombox here –

Keep in mind that the Stiletto does not come with any of the above accessories. We expect that the accessories will be in short supply as well; if you would like one, please reserve it by following the above links and proceeding to checkout.

We will continue to keep you updated as we learn more about the timing and functionality of the SIRIUS Stiletto.

Thank you,

TSS-Radio Team


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