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Sirius Signal Repeaters:What?Who?Where?and How?

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008
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If you have one of the Stiletto line of receivers this is especially important for you. It will help you understand how and why you get reception in certain areas.

  • The What? What are repeaters? These repeaters sit above buildings and receive satellite signal and retransmit them throughout the city.If you’ve ever been on the top floor of a large building and looked over at another building and saw satellite dishes and a bunch of other high-tech looking devices most likely you saw some sort of a repeater. They give us all a signal where normally we would not be able to get one.
  • The Who? No not the band, I am talking about who is affected by Sirius Signal Repeaters.Sirius Signal Repeaters are placed in Urban areas to effect the most amount of people based on their ability to get signal. Most people across the country in rural areas can get a signal with standard antennas that come with their radios.That is the reason repeaters are only placed in concrete jungles(cities). Without these repeaters even the Sirius Executives in New York could not get a signal.
  • Where are they placed? Los Angeles, New York, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, Detriot, and Philadelphia are just a few, almost every main city has been accounted for.
  • How do repeaters work? Repeaters sitting high above the city will receive the satellite signal,then retransmit that signal to receiver that would not normally get a signal. You can look on select radio to see which kind of signal you are getting if you access the Aiming or Signal screen on the menu of you Sirius Radio, it will say SAT or TER. SAT signal is the direct signal from the Satellites above and TER signal is the Terrestrial signal from repeaters.

Sirius has spent a lot of time and money getting us all the ability to reach their content and for that we thank them.

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Sirius Antenna Signal Repeater

Monday, January 21st, 2008
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Sirius Antenna Signal Repeater

The Sirius Echo Signal Repeater System (SIRWRS1) is a system that allows you to place your Sirius receiver in places you never thought you could. Where before you were bound by antenna cables spanning in and out of your house, now all you need is this system to send the antenna signal through wireless transmission.

This unit is comprised of two parts. The base station: this is where you connect your Sirius antenna to.Combined with Sirius Extension cables you can place it in any indoor room. Your Sirius antenna must be in a position to receive satellite signal for the system to be effective.

The second piece is the piece you connect to your Sirius receiver. It will directly plug into the ANT port on the receiver just like if you were using the regular antenna. You can place this piece up to 75ft uninterrupted, transmission range is lessened by other wireless devices and obstructions( ie walls, concrete,and of course a 1983 Volkswagen Scirocco). Cordless phones and WiFi internet can also degrade the signal.

All-in-all this unit will give you the freedom to place your Sirius Radio where ever you desire.

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Sirius Car Antennas

Thursday, January 17th, 2008
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Sirius Car Antennas

Confused by which replacement antenna you need for your Sirius Satellite Radio?

Magnetic cat antennas are a fragile breed by nature.Their life span can be significantly shortened by certain things like where the antenna cable is ran, how the antenna exits the vehicle, and where on the car the actually magnet is placed. By making sure you do not install the cable with any sharp bends or in a place where a door/window/sunroof can pinch the cable it will make sure you get all the years out of it you can.

If you do find your self in a bind needing an antenna I offer these simple suggestions and tips:

  • Dot Micro Car Antenna This Model is the industry standard. It has a low sleek profile, keeping it as far away from wind and rain as possible while giving you a 360 degrees view of the sky. It has a Higher Gain than all other antennas, which translates into better signal, making this the most cost effective choice of all the antennas.


  • Sirius Truck Antenna If you are looking for a Heavy Duty antenna built for life on the road then this is the antenna for you. It features a heavy duty steel mounting bracket,Several mounting options including mirror mount, flap mount, air dam shield mount etc. making this the most sought after antenna on the road. By getting the antenna away from obstructions gives you the best possible signal and allows you to get a satellite signal where other antennas would not. If you have a Semi or Truck this is the antenna for you!


Older radios featured a dual antenna connection. One for terrestrial signal and one for direct satellite signal. If your radio has two connections for antenna than this adapter is what you are looking for:

  • Dual Antenna Adapter This adapter gives you a single round connection to be able to use any of the other antennas listed above. It takes the two box connections you currently have and converts them into a single round plug to where you can place a newer style antenna.
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