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Daytona 500 on SIRIUS NASCAR Ch. 128 plus MORE!

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009
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nascar sirius radio

SIRIUS will be broadcasting LIVE from the Daytona 500. Channel 128 don’t miss it 2-15-2009 only on SIRIUS.

NASCAR content SIRIUS has available includes shows like:

The Morning Drive: Hosted by Veteran race announcer Mike Bagley and renowned NASCAR beat reporter and columnist David Poole. These two keep you up-to-date on all the happenings and take you phones calls, Weekdays 7am-11am ET.

Tradin’ Paint: Weekdays 11am-3pm E, Don’t miss legendary gas man Danny “Chocolate” Myers and veteran broadcaster Rick Benjamin. Join in the Fun, 1-866-Pit-Lane (866-748-5263) and be part of the show.

SIRIUS Speedway: From the show that started the NASCAR Radio on SIRIUS you can hear Dave “The Godfather” Moody and Suzy Q Armstrong. Send them an email, and listen in Weekdays 3p-7pm ET.

And More……

SIRIUS offers unheard of coverage of NASCAR events, so if you haven’t been over to SIRIUS NASCAR , swing over there and see why NASCAR fans choose SIRIUSXM for the ultimate coverage all-season long.


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SIRIUS Backseat TV w/Review

Friday, February 6th, 2009
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The Sirius Backseat TV allows you to receive family programming 24/7 from channels Nickelodeon, Disney Channel and Cartoon Network Mobile, right from your car,truck or boat.

Tests on this unit reveals that it loads slightly quicker than expected and has decent picture quality for the size screen used. You cannot watch full shows from Cartoon Network Mobile, only shows 2-8 mins in duration and on a selected basis. All other channels act as normal. I tested it with a rear-view mirror monitor, but a more traditional application maybe more beneficial.

The Unit’s Display is sufficient and the double remote feature is clever. The rear seat TV is controlled by either a small display panel up-front or an oversized remote built for small, apple juice covered hands.

The BackSeat TV can offer more than ever expected with a Sirius tuner. The ability to stream TV over Sirius’s satellites is beyond compare with most other media. It remains cost efficient and satisfying to the general user. All you HDTV fans be weary it does not come in 1080i or 720p. You can expect to have quality sound and video with the added standard Sirius radio bandwidth and reception.

Imagine never again have to worry about entertaining the kids in the car and you can still listen to your favorite SIRIUS  music, news or entertainment station.

Many 2008-2009 Dodge, Jeep  and Chrysler models will have the Sirius Backseat TV as a factory option, so check with your local dealership if you are in the market for a new vehicle.

Below is a more detailed break down of the SIRIUS BackSeat TV SCV1

The SCV1 gives you the ability to listen to Sirius Satellite Radio in the front of the car and watch Sirius Backseat TV in the back(on most aftermarket and factory installed radios and video monitors that have auxiliary inputs).

The Sirius Backseat TV SCV1 comes with:

  • SCV1 Audio/Video Tuner
  • Wired Display Control Unit
  • Audio Remote Control
  • Video Remote Control
  • Remote Eye(For Rear-seat Video Control)
  • FM Switching Interface
  • Two Mini Magnetic Satellite Antennas
  • Audio/Video Cables
  • User Guide

You will need an existing Video screen or you will have to place one in your vehicle. This unit does not include a video screen

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LIVE Super Bowl XLIII on SIRIUS Satellite Radio

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009
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Sunday Feb 1st at 6PM ET SIRIUS will be broadcasting Live, Super Bowl XLIII from Tampa Bay. You can hear the Super Bowl being broadcast on 13 different channels and 10 different languages Live on SIRIUS. The Channel lineup looks something like this:

  • Pittsburgh Steelers: SIRIUS 125 / XM 102 
  • Arizona Cardinals: SIRIUS 126 / XM 103
  • National broadcast: SIRIUS 124 / XM 124
  • Spanish broadcast: SIRIUS 91 / XM 104
  • BBC Radio: SIRIUS 161 / XM 105
  • Russian: SIRIUS 155 / XM 106
  • French: SIRIUS 127 / XM 107
  • Japanese: SIRIUS 121 / XM 108
  • German: SIRIUS 113 / XM 109
  • Flemish: SIRIUS 156 / XM 110
  • Mandarin Chinese: SIRIUS 90 / XM 110
  • Italian: SIRIUS 153 / XM 112
  • Hungarian: SIRIUS 130 / XM 113

The XM Channels listed above are only part of the BEST of SIRIUS plan.

And Don’t Forget to check out the Half-Time Show featuring “The Boss” Bruce Springsteen

E-Street Radio: SIRIUS Channel 10/ XM Channel 58

Also Don’t miss the Puppy Bowl V, Feb 1st at 3PM ET/PT with the Kitty Half-Time Show! Only on Animal Planet, check your local TV provider for channel listings.

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A Couple Tips to avoid Auto Theft

Saturday, January 10th, 2009
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This is a little off topic from what I usually post, but very useful information nonetheless. This is more of a concern on summer nights, but this should always be on everyone’s mind.

According to, 1,192,809 cars were stolen in 2006

Here are a few tips to avoid losing your Car, Satellite Radio and other precioius belongings:

1.)  Bring the satellite radio/GPS down from the suction cup at the end of the day. No use advertising to bypassers that you have expensive stuff. Also be sure to remove the face of your aftermarket if applicable.

2.) If you have space in your glove box or center console stash it in there overnight. It’s not the best solution,but its better than leaving it out in the open.

3.) Keep you doors locked and windows up while away from the car. If you have a convertible put the top up, some car alarms have add-ons you can install like a motion sensor built for convertibles.

4.) Invest in a car alarm with starter-kill. These alarms will kill the car’s engine starter if you car is broken into, rendering it undriveable. Some thieves will steal cars take them to a remote location and gut them, they can’t gut a car that won’t leave your driveway.

5.) Install a motion sensing light in your driveway, no thief likes an audience.

6.)  If you drive a truck be sure to lock the back window, if you can, it’s a small window and is often overlooked. If you have a sunroof be sure to close it fully also.

7.) Always park in a well-lit area if possible, like I said no thief likes an audience.

8.) NEVER boobey-trap your vehicle, even though everyone would like to. It is actually illegal in most states and if the thief is hurt you can be held liable in some cases.

The best tip I can give is use your own common sense and never think “It could never happen to me”.

If anyone has any tips, helpful stories or helpful comments on how people can keep their cars and belongings safe, feel free to comment! Thanks!

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Become a TSS-Radio Fan

Monday, December 29th, 2008
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There are several ways to become a TSS-Radio Fan:

Become our friend on Myspace HERE

Login to Digital Radio Central and post all your questions and comments

Also Don’t Forget to Register for our Blog or add it to your RSS Feed Reader

We send out updates and promotions to our fans so be sure to sign on and add us, so you can be part of the ever growing TSS-Radio fan base. We want you to become familiar with the company you do business with and know that we are a caring, smart and diligent group of people ready to help you!

Also don’t forget to check out

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History of the Stratus Radio

Monday, December 15th, 2008
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The Stratus line of SIRIUS Satellite Receivers has a long and proud history of being the affordable SIRIUS Radio. This Radio has taken the challenge of being a low-cost radio and still have the basic features everyone loves.

We start our journey on the Stratus SV3 or SV3TK1

stratus The SV3 Stratus, in its day, was the best way to go for a cheap, basic SIRIUS Radio that was perfect for a starter radio, gift, or a budget-wise SIRIUS Fan. The Radio included a car kit with a car dock, antenna, power cable, and a few other items like screws and vent mount. This radio did what it did very well. A very low returned item and the fact that it had less flashy features made it appealing to many people. This model was Discontinued in favor of the model below.

On down the road we find the Stratus 4 SV4 or SV4TK1

stratus 4 This radio was no more than a Stratus with a new look. With features and display not much different than it predecessor, it boasted it sleek new frame with a darker color that looked to appeal to a new generation of SIRIUS Fans. The button sequence and interface staying the same the button shapes changed slightly. Rounded egdes added to the contemporary color and design. This model was Discontinued in favor of the model below.

The Current Model Stratus 5 SV5 or SV5TK1

stratus 5Taking it back to the older style frame, but keeping the dark color the Stratus 5 added a Cool Blue screen to the mix. The Interface and buttons coming from the SV3 many people were reminded of the value that the Stratus line has and has been a great seller with little to no returns.

The Stratus Line has been a mainstay of the SIRIUS Receiver lineup for many years and will be ever enshrined in hearts of its owners.

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Starmate Satellite Radio

Thursday, September 4th, 2008
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SIRIUS Radio Starmate

There are a couple of different SIRIUS Starmates that are out there, and some are not compatible with each other. It is good to know which receiver works with which kits:

Original Starmate ST1

MODEL Number ST1 .This was the first starmate that SIRIUS came out with. The unit featured a channel toggle switch and a bright 3 line display screen.  This unit has since been discontinued.

This is the Starmate Replay MODEL Number ST2R or ST2. This was one of the first SIRIUS receivers to allow the PAUSE, FAST FORWARD and REWIND feature. This feature allows you to pause LIVE satellite content and restart it with out ever missing anything. This unit has also become Discontinued.

Starmate ST3– MODEL Number ST3. This was one of the first receivers to introduce the Universal SIRIUS Docking style. This Universal docking style has expanded compatibility for all the SIRIUS Dock and Play receivers made currently. This receiver did not include the Replay function.

Starmate ST4– This SIRIUS Starmate 4 was an upgrade to the ST3, adding features like Pause, Fast Forward, Rewind. This receiver did add back the Replay function and also added the Blue Screen.

Starmate 5 ST5– This is the newest Starmate in the SIIRUS Receiver arsenal. This receiver keeps all the same features as the Starmate 4, but adds one very cool trick. This receiver can access SIRIUS A La Carte programming while currently no other receiver can.

These are the Starmate lineup from SIRIUS. If you are looking for a part for these receivers take a look HERE.

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SIRIUS Satellite Antenna

Monday, September 1st, 2008
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SIRIUS Satellite Antenna

Here I will discuss the several different Antenna options you have for your SIRIUS Satellite Radio.

SIRIUS CAR ANTENNA-scroll down for Home Antennas

The industry standard antenna is the SIRIUS Mobile Antenna Dot Micro

This is the standard SIRIUS Truck Antenna for Heavy Duty applications.

This is the SIRIUS Marine Antenna, built for boats and other watercraft.

These are the common vehicle antennas that are on the market. If you have something else in mind please feel free to give us a call 412.846.6606.


This is the common SIRIUS Home PNP Antenna. This antenna will work with SIRIUS Home Kits and  SIRIUS Boomboxes.

SIRIUS Outdoor Home Antenna– This antenna is built to withstand the elements and designed to be placed on the side of the house, on the roof or being mounted on a pole.

Pixel Technologies Pro-500– This is the BEST SIRIUS antenna we sell. This antenna has the internal parts inside of it to pull in the signal better than any other antenna.

Pixel Technologies Pro-600-This is the little brother to the Pro-500 antenna. This antenna may not pull in the signal as well( only a difference of about 2.5dBi), but this antenna boasts a stunning feature beyond comparison. This antenna can stream SIRIUS Satellite Radio and XM Satellite Radio.

If you still do not see an antenna that you like or need more information give TSS-Radio a call 312.846.6606

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History of the SIRIUS Starmate

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008
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If you have ever wondered where your SIRIUS Starmate got it’s humble beginnings, then this is the guide you’ve been looking for.

 Starmate ST1

SIRIUS Starmate Line: The Starmate line was first created with the Original Starmate ST1. Cousin to the Streamer GT and Xact XTR7 , The ST1 was a simple radio that boasted a no frills, 24/7 workaholic attitude.  The design was simple and offered SIRIUS fans a contemprary look. The Starmate Line really got its glory with the invention of the SIRIUS Replay function.

Starmate Replay ST2

The Starmate 2 or Starmate Replay SIRIUS ST2 was the first Starmate Sirius Satellite Radio to included the Replay function. Cousin to the Streamer GTR, This radio took a notice from many consumer that begged for a narrower SIRIUS receiver, that did not block vision on the dash. It was designed on a unique mounting bracket system much like the ST1 Starmate mount. This receiver is one of the most loved of all by SIRIUS fans.,but SIRIUS goes universal!

With as many different receivers out there, and many consumers switching back and forth. Consumers really wanted a universal docking style, that way any receiver could fit in another car/home/motorcycle kit. This would make it easier for a consumer to replace a radio or purchase a new one if they knew that the docking cradles were all the same. So SIRIUS introduced the SIRIUS Universal Dock and Play system. This means all new receivers and cradles are cross-compatible with eachother. SIRIUS impletmented this in its Starmate 3 ST3

Starmate 3

The Starmate 3 was seen as a huge jump forward and a small step backwards. The SIRIUS ST3 did not offer the SIRIUS Replay function, but it did offer the new universal style docking system. This radio was a throwback to its grandfather the ST1 with the features it carried. The ST3 was a low production radio and saw little favor from the SIRIUS world. This remains the low point in the SIRIUS line, however all that would change with the SIRIUS Starmate 4.

Starmate 4

By far of the most loved SIRIUS radios of all time came in 2006 with the Starmate 4. This radio had all the advantages of the ST2 and ST3, with none of their disadvantages. Th ST4 still remains a top seller and with its low return rate, the ST4 will have a placed saved for the Sirius Satellite Radio muesum and Hall of Fame, which isn’t being built, but should be! The St4 has the universal dock and replay function, plus its narrow design keeps you looking at the road and not the receiver.

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SIRIUS for your Motorcycle

Monday, July 7th, 2008
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Motorcycles and SIRIUS Satellite Radio are a match made in heaven. The ability to listen to a channel you love, without ever changing the station, from coast to coast is priceless. Never having to change the frequency,from town to town, means more time enjoying the ride.

There are a few different ways to put SIRIUS on your bike. I will explain the different ways from the simplest to the most custom.

The Simplest way #1

Install level= Easy

Using a universal motorcycle mount kit with a plug and play radio, this way would give you a handlebar mounted SIRIUS radio that would need to be connect to a set of speakers or headphones.

It would look a little like this:


The Next Hardest Way

Install Level= Medium

This is a step higher on the custom look chart. This way is to use a custom SIRIUS mount that uses the left clutch or right brake assembly to hold the bracket for your SIRIUS. These are available for most bikes like Honda, Harley-Davidson, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha.

It would look a little like this:

 The Hardest Way

Install Level= Hard

The reason I put this as hardest is because it requires a aftermarket stereo built-into your motorcycle. Anything along the Panasonic, Alpine, Pioneer, or Sony lines. This is the best way to get SIRIUS on your bike. It would require the installation of a SIRIUS  in-dash connect kit found here: In dash sirius. These kit would connect audio directly and give you a full in dash Custom look.

Well I hope that this small guide can shed some light on the wide world of SIRIUS on a motorcycle and can maybe help you decide with route you want to go with. Thanks.

We now have XM Motorcycle Kits too!

Any questions or comment email:

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