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XM Antenna Buying Guide

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011
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When choosing an antenna for your XM radio, you may be confused about the different models and what is best for your setup. This short guide will go over some of the common XM antenna models and help you figure out what you need.

Vehicle Antennas

Mini XM Car Antenna

The Mini XM Car Antenna is the smallest satellite radio antenna on the market. At around 1 square inch, it is probably the most unobtrusive antenna you’ll find. High gain and  a 20ft. antenna cable make this antenna a great solution for customers looking for a small and strong antenna. Works with any single-input XM radio.

XM Car Antenna

XM Car AntennaThe XM Car Antenna is included with most XM Plug and Play Radio models. It is a low profile, high gain antenna that works with all single-input XM radios. It features rubber feet on the bottom to protect your vehicle’s finish and has a 23 ft. attached cable that can easily routed under interior molding for a clean look.

Browning Magnetic Car Antenna for XM

This antenna from Browning features a slightly thicker cable that tends to be more durable than some of the XM branded antennas. It has the same high gain and 20ft. cable, and utilizes the standard SMB connection, making it compatible and ideal for any single input XM radio. It also includes an adhesive pad for customers who would like a more permanent mounting solution.

XMicro XM Magnetic Vehicle Antenna

The XMicro is a versatile antenna that can be used with older FAKRA style XM Radios or standard, single input SMB antenna connections. It features a low profile, 23 ft. cable, magnetic base, and rubber feet to protect your vehicle’s finish. It’s a great option for customers who currently have an older radio, but who may be considering upgrading.

XM Home Antennas

XM Home Antenna

The XM Home Antenna is the most common type of XM antenna for home use. It is included with all current XM boomboxes and home kits, and is sold separately as a replacement. This antenna has a 20ft. cable and can be easily mounted indoor or outdoor for use. Compatible with most XM single input docking stations or radios.

Terk XM Outdoor Home Antenna XM6

The Terk XM6 is a weather resistant, high performance outdoor antenna for use with most XM Radios. The XM6 uses standard RG6 coaxial cable for extra durability and longer cable runs (can drive up to 100ft.) It includes a F to SMB adapter cable to plug into any standard single input XM docking station or boombox.

Pixel Technologies Pro-500 or Pro-600

The Pixel Pro-500 and Pro-600 are professional grade antennas that work with both Sirius and XM satellite radios. Featuring 12 and 8.5 dBi Gain (respectively) these Pixel antennas are the strongest on the market. Both antennas utilize standard RG6 coaxial cable and include F to SMB adapter cables to plug into your satellite radio. In addition, both antennas can drive up to 200ft. of cable without any additional external amplifiers.

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No More Static and No More using the Cigarette lighter: See HERE

Monday, April 6th, 2009
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You do not have to use the static filled FM transmitter anymore or the cigarette lighter adapter, all you need is………..


The XM5 will allow you to connect your 5v Sirius Satellite Radio and hardwire the audio into your car stereo. Basically plug something into your car stereo and you will get a clean looking setup and have a quality audio sound with no static at all!

If you are not familiar with Aux Input devices they work like this:

Be sure to check the compatibility list first to make sure your car is capable of using these units or just shoot us an email and I can help.

Pull the car stereo out, this is easier on some cars and harder on others. I can help you do this via email or over the phone.

Plug the XM5 into the Car stereo, some cars may need a power source to wired into a 12v line, which again I can help you do that as well.

Replace the car stereo and run the power and audio cable to the SIRIUS Radio dock and Whammy! You’re done.

This works on all 5v Sirius Radios

Most installs only take 1-1 1/2 hours of time and few tools.

Basically, Buy these units with confidence that you will receive support from the TSS-Radio Staff.  We can provide step by step instruction and award winning customer service and support. We are here before, during and after the sale to make sure you get the most out of your setup. We love this stuff and we know you do too.

This is a basic rundown of a standard install. If you need further explanation tailored to your specific vehicle just click below:


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How do you take your Media? DVDs? MP3s? Blu-Ray? Radio?

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009
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comcastdish networkhd dvdnetflixsirius xmpandora musictivoitunes ipodblockbusterdirect tvhd radiozuneslacker radioclear channelcompuserveaollaserdiscblu ray

Long has media been a part of our lives. We use media every day; Magazines, DVD’s, or Radio, we use these tools to either get information or the entertainment that we need/desire. The types of media that is available to people is so numerous to even begin counting. But there has to been one media you use that you rely on more. For some TV is the largest media device in their lives for others Radio either Satellite or Terrestrial. We all find a devices and medias to suit our needs and desires.

I am asking you, the readers of the TSS-Radio Blog, What media do you use and how do you like it? I asked several of the employees here at TSS-Radio to see what media they use and how the feel about it. Here is what I got:

netflix Myself(Josh): I just got Netflix for my Xbox360. It streams right to my HDTV and displays the movie’s full glory. The amount of instant content on Netflix is a little lacking(around 12,000 titles), but the quality of the stream(variable by ISP of course, I use just standard cable internet) is outstanding. As my colleague on Digital Radio Central, Sgip2000, pointed out, you have to preselect the content you want to see on from your computer first and then it becomes available on your Xbox360. Other than the preselection of the content, I would suggest to anyone who has both an Xbox360 and Netflix to check it out. It’s a great way to watch the Netflix Instant content on your TV and in HD.

siriusTish:I have a lot of stuff. Specifically, I have a lot of entertainment options.  From an iPod and Wii to DJ equipment and digital cable, I can never legitimately be bored.  There are two things, though, that have really simplified my media consumption.  First is the Tivo.  Tivo allows me to watch whatever I want whenever I have time.  I love that I can set the Tivo to record some obscure movie that only plays once at 3 A.M. on Wednesday night and then watch it at my leisure–which is definitely NOT 3 A.M. on a Wednesday night!

The second media device that has made my life a lot easier is my SIRIUS Satellite Radio.  I currently live in Chicago but my family lives in Southwest Ohio, so I travel back and forth several times a year by car.  The SIRIUS radio allows me to listen to commercial free music, with a wide variety of musical genres represented, without changing the channel or dealing with static for the entire 500 mile trip.  Besides the music, I LOVE the NPR stations!  I always try to schedule my trip so I can catch Talk of the Nation Science Friday and The Splendid Table on the weekends. In addition to the great programming–SIRIUS has that traditional radio feel that is missing from the iPod or Slacker experience.  I actually really like hearing DJs and top of the hour news reports and the variety of talk programs.  I love music, but the human element is really missing from most of the other portable media options. There is something special about the personal feel you get with talk or terrestrial radio and I feel SIRIUS offers that without all of the repetitive junk and commercials.

All in all, the Tivo and SIRIUS Radio both offer diversity in your programming options and the ability to enjoy only what you are interested in without all of the filler.  So, if you haven’t already….Check ’em out!!

memorexRoss:I put the Memorex cassette mix tape into my GE walkman and then put my Koss over ear headphones on (need to replace that damn missing foam on one ear).

We will be adding a few more opinions from TSS-Radio Staff, but now we want to hear from You. Just Click Below to COMMENT and tell us about your media!

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Valentine’s Day Dedication on SIRIUS XM LOVE

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009
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According to SIRIUS, “SIRIUS XM Love Channel 3 ,will be playing Valentine’s Day dedications all day long on V-Day! To get your dedication on the air, call our Love Line at 866-267-0442 between February 9 and February 13.”

sirius love

This is a great chance to get your Valentine’s dedication on SIRIUS XM Love and show your sweetie how much you care for them. Be sure to call in and request your dedication before Friday 13th. and Listen on Saturday 14th Valentine’s Day for your dedication.

Some of the artists you’ll hear on SIRIUS XM Love include, “Phil Collins, Whitney Houston, Elton John, Luther Vandross, Rod Stewart, Mariah Carey, Journey and Celine Dion.”

SIRIUS XM Love-Romantic music and soft pop ballads, featuring lyrics of love .

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SIRIUS Backseat TV w/Review

Friday, February 6th, 2009
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The Sirius Backseat TV allows you to receive family programming 24/7 from channels Nickelodeon, Disney Channel and Cartoon Network Mobile, right from your car,truck or boat.

Tests on this unit reveals that it loads slightly quicker than expected and has decent picture quality for the size screen used. You cannot watch full shows from Cartoon Network Mobile, only shows 2-8 mins in duration and on a selected basis. All other channels act as normal. I tested it with a rear-view mirror monitor, but a more traditional application maybe more beneficial.

The Unit’s Display is sufficient and the double remote feature is clever. The rear seat TV is controlled by either a small display panel up-front or an oversized remote built for small, apple juice covered hands.

The BackSeat TV can offer more than ever expected with a Sirius tuner. The ability to stream TV over Sirius’s satellites is beyond compare with most other media. It remains cost efficient and satisfying to the general user. All you HDTV fans be weary it does not come in 1080i or 720p. You can expect to have quality sound and video with the added standard Sirius radio bandwidth and reception.

Imagine never again have to worry about entertaining the kids in the car and you can still listen to your favorite SIRIUS  music, news or entertainment station.

Many 2008-2009 Dodge, Jeep  and Chrysler models will have the Sirius Backseat TV as a factory option, so check with your local dealership if you are in the market for a new vehicle.

Below is a more detailed break down of the SIRIUS BackSeat TV SCV1

The SCV1 gives you the ability to listen to Sirius Satellite Radio in the front of the car and watch Sirius Backseat TV in the back(on most aftermarket and factory installed radios and video monitors that have auxiliary inputs).

The Sirius Backseat TV SCV1 comes with:

  • SCV1 Audio/Video Tuner
  • Wired Display Control Unit
  • Audio Remote Control
  • Video Remote Control
  • Remote Eye(For Rear-seat Video Control)
  • FM Switching Interface
  • Two Mini Magnetic Satellite Antennas
  • Audio/Video Cables
  • User Guide

You will need an existing Video screen or you will have to place one in your vehicle. This unit does not include a video screen

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LIVE Super Bowl XLIII on SIRIUS Satellite Radio

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009
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Sunday Feb 1st at 6PM ET SIRIUS will be broadcasting Live, Super Bowl XLIII from Tampa Bay. You can hear the Super Bowl being broadcast on 13 different channels and 10 different languages Live on SIRIUS. The Channel lineup looks something like this:

  • Pittsburgh Steelers: SIRIUS 125 / XM 102 
  • Arizona Cardinals: SIRIUS 126 / XM 103
  • National broadcast: SIRIUS 124 / XM 124
  • Spanish broadcast: SIRIUS 91 / XM 104
  • BBC Radio: SIRIUS 161 / XM 105
  • Russian: SIRIUS 155 / XM 106
  • French: SIRIUS 127 / XM 107
  • Japanese: SIRIUS 121 / XM 108
  • German: SIRIUS 113 / XM 109
  • Flemish: SIRIUS 156 / XM 110
  • Mandarin Chinese: SIRIUS 90 / XM 110
  • Italian: SIRIUS 153 / XM 112
  • Hungarian: SIRIUS 130 / XM 113

The XM Channels listed above are only part of the BEST of SIRIUS plan.

And Don’t Forget to check out the Half-Time Show featuring “The Boss” Bruce Springsteen

E-Street Radio: SIRIUS Channel 10/ XM Channel 58

Also Don’t miss the Puppy Bowl V, Feb 1st at 3PM ET/PT with the Kitty Half-Time Show! Only on Animal Planet, check your local TV provider for channel listings.

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SIRIUS for your Home Theater System

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009
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Here I am going to go through several cases studies to see how people can get SIRIUS in a Home Theater system.

Case Study #1- You have a Home Theater system that is NOT SIRIUS-Ready or SIRIUS Built-In.

There are a couple different options you have with this setup. Let’s say you bought a Home Receiver and it does not have any SIRIUS Radio connections or capability and you want to add SIRIUS Satellite Radio.

First off you must add a separate SIRIUS receiver. You can choose form these different options:

#1- Polk Audio SRH-1000, this is a standalone receiver that connects to the LINE IN on your Home Theater Receiver. The nice thing about the SRH-1000 is that is also has VIDEO OUT as-well so you can see the SIRIUS Channel, Artist, and other data right from your TV screen.

#2- SIRIUS Conductor, this system has a remote and base station. The base station is setup with your Home Theater receiver and the remote controls and displays all of the SIRIUS  content. The Channel name and artist info is displayed right on the remote’s LCD screen and you can walk around the room listening, controlling, and seeing all the SIRIUS content you desire.

#3- If you already have a SIRIUS Radio in your car, there might be a SIRIUS Home Kit for it that can be installed to your Home Theater Receiver. This way you do not have to add an additional subscription.

#4- We also have a couple Professional tuners that are built for Commercial use as-well.

Case Study #2- You have a SIRIUS-Ready Home Receiver

This is the more common case out of them all. You purchase a Home receiver that says “SIRIUS-Ready”. This case you have also a couple options:

#1-SCHDOC1 SIRIUS Home Connect Dock. If you already have a SIRIUS Radio that has the Universal docking style connector, then you may use this dock to allow you SIRIUS-Ready Home Receiver to connect, control, and display all of the SIRIUS content. This way you do not have to add an additional subscription.

#2-SIRIUS Connect Home Tuner SCH1– this is the standard tuner for a SIRIUS-Ready Home Receiver. This will connect via the 8-pin data cable,provided, and allow you Home Receiver to play SIRIUS right through.

Case Study #3- You have a SIRIUS Built-In Home Receiver.

This is will be the rarest of all the cases. In this case you purchase a Home Theater that is “SIRIUS Built-IN”. In this case the SIRIUS Tuner and translator  are built into the Home Receiver. So all you would need externally is an SIRIUS Antenna. This is an extremely rare case and if you are unsure at all if you fit into this category, please feel free to to Email me and I can help you decide.

Here is a link to our SIRIUS Home Antenna section.

If you have any question about how to get SIRIUS Satellite Radio in your home please feel free to shoot me an Email.

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Photos from the Detroit Auto Show

Monday, January 19th, 2009
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Here are a few Highlights of my trip to the Detroit Auto Show:

The Audi Display

A look into the Hyundai hybrid system “Blue Drive”

A Plug in electric SMART

A new Lincoln concept

The Dodge Circuit

A look at the Lotus display

VW had an interestingly designed display

Hybrid Sierra

All of my trips photos can be seen here:

Detroit Auto Show 2009 | Facebook

Auto Show part II | Facebook

Auto Show part III | Facebook

Auto Show part IV | Facebook

Auto Show part V | Facebook

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How to get the best SIRIUS/XM Satellite Signal

Monday, January 12th, 2009
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Throughout this “how to” I will discuss the tricks and tips on How to get the best Satellite Signal possible out of your SIRIUS Satellite Radio.

First to find out how to get a better signal, we need to look at how the signal is sent. SIRIUS and XM both us different Satellite Patterns so I will Discuss them individually.

How the SIRIUS Signal is delivered. SIRIUS uses satellites that are always moving in a “figure-8” pattern. The best rule of thumb is imagine that the SIRIUS satellites are in the sky above Minnesota. That is the best direction to aim your antenna. Larger cities also have what’s called Terrestrial repeaters. These act as repeaters for areas that could not otherwise get signal, ie. behind large buildings. These cities have receivers and transmitters on the ground that blanket the area in signal.

If you check on your SIRIUS Radio menu, click SIGNAL INDICATOR or ANTENNA AIMING, you will see a SAT and TER with several boxes filled in black. This is your signal strength. SAT is the direct signal from satellites in space, TER is the signal from on-the-ground repeaters.

XM Radio works on the same principle except their satellites do not move. XM Home antennas should always be pointed towards the SOUTH as the satellites are located on the Equator.

If you are having good luck getting signal in one room and want to use your SIRIUS in another try the ECHO Repeater System or try a SIRIUS Extension Cable.These both allow you to place your SIRIUS antenna in one area and the SIRIUS Radio in another.

If you are having trouble receiving signal in your home, and you have tried all the possible antenna placements an upgraded antenna may allow you to pull in the signal better. A good SIRIUS outdoor antenna to go with is the SIRIUS Outdoor Home Antenna. The best antenna we offer works with both SIRIUS and XM Radio, the PRO-600 antenna.

In the Vehicle

In car you want to make sure your Satellite antenna is on the roof, or in a convertible on the truck lid. The magnetic antenna should always be placed 4-6 inches from the edge of the roof and clear from any roof rack or other obstruction. Make sure to route the antenna cable safely as not to crimp the cable, this can cause an Aquiring Signal error message if the cable is damaged.  If you need to remove the cable from the SIRIUS dock or receiver, be sure to pull on the plug and not the cable, the cable connector could come undone and the antenna would we useless. Standard car antennas work will in many cases, but in cases like a Big-Rig or other large vehicle the standard antenna may be ill suited due to the vehicle having a fiberglass body or other obstructions, in this case using a SIRIUS and XM Radio Truck antenna would be best.

In most cases the standard antenna you buy, or receive with your radio is suffiencet to receive Satellite Radio content, being very carefully with the antenna cable and proper aiming should prove to give you quality signal. In some limited areas with canyons, forest cover and other natural sky obstructions, upgrading to a better antenna is the only way to get Satellite radio.

If you have any questions on antenna aiming feel free to email us or gives us a call 773-772-4340, we are here to help.

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A Couple Tips to avoid Auto Theft

Saturday, January 10th, 2009
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This is a little off topic from what I usually post, but very useful information nonetheless. This is more of a concern on summer nights, but this should always be on everyone’s mind.

According to, 1,192,809 cars were stolen in 2006

Here are a few tips to avoid losing your Car, Satellite Radio and other precioius belongings:

1.)  Bring the satellite radio/GPS down from the suction cup at the end of the day. No use advertising to bypassers that you have expensive stuff. Also be sure to remove the face of your aftermarket if applicable.

2.) If you have space in your glove box or center console stash it in there overnight. It’s not the best solution,but its better than leaving it out in the open.

3.) Keep you doors locked and windows up while away from the car. If you have a convertible put the top up, some car alarms have add-ons you can install like a motion sensor built for convertibles.

4.) Invest in a car alarm with starter-kill. These alarms will kill the car’s engine starter if you car is broken into, rendering it undriveable. Some thieves will steal cars take them to a remote location and gut them, they can’t gut a car that won’t leave your driveway.

5.) Install a motion sensing light in your driveway, no thief likes an audience.

6.)  If you drive a truck be sure to lock the back window, if you can, it’s a small window and is often overlooked. If you have a sunroof be sure to close it fully also.

7.) Always park in a well-lit area if possible, like I said no thief likes an audience.

8.) NEVER boobey-trap your vehicle, even though everyone would like to. It is actually illegal in most states and if the thief is hurt you can be held liable in some cases.

The best tip I can give is use your own common sense and never think “It could never happen to me”.

If anyone has any tips, helpful stories or helpful comments on how people can keep their cars and belongings safe, feel free to comment! Thanks!

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