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SIRIUS Connect Vehicle Kit SCVDOC1

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008
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 SIRIUS Connect Vehicle Kit SCVDOC1

This is an under appreciated Sirius Accessory. It is hard to explain without use of a visual aid, but I will do my best to describe it and the way it works.


How It Works:

The SCVDOC1 is a docking connect kit that allows use of a Dock and Play Radio (like Stiletto 2 or Sportster 5) and will allow that Dock and Play Radio to be used as the In-Dash SIRIUS Tuner. Only when paired with a seperate translator ( like Honda and Acura SIRIUS Connect HON-SC1  or  Kenwood SIRIUS Connect Interface KCA-SR50) can this unit operate properly and cannot be used without a translator.

The SCVDOC1 can be used with:

Honda and Acura Vehicles- HON-SC1

Toyota, Scion and Lexus Vehicles- TOY-SC1

Kenwood Car Stereo- KCA-SR50

Alpine Car Stereo-KCA-SC100

Panasonic Car Stereo-CA-PANSC1U

JVC Car Stereo-KS-SRA100

Clarion Car Stereo-CLA-SC1

Eclipse Car Stereo-ECL-SC1

Pioneer Car Stereo-CD-SB10

Sony Car Stereo- SNY-SC1

The reason this system is so special is that, You can have In-Dash SIRIUS Radio and still have the Dock and Play Radio to take in your home to a boombox. This is flexibility and saves you another subscription. So if you are in the market for In-Dash Radio Email me and let me know if you have questions. Email us at:

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