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How do you take your Media? DVDs? MP3s? Blu-Ray? Radio?

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009
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Long has media been a part of our lives. We use media every day; Magazines, DVD’s, or Radio, we use these tools to either get information or the entertainment that we need/desire. The types of media that is available to people is so numerous to even begin counting. But there has to been one media you use that you rely on more. For some TV is the largest media device in their lives for others Radio either Satellite or Terrestrial. We all find a devices and medias to suit our needs and desires.

I am asking you, the readers of the TSS-Radio Blog, What media do you use and how do you like it? I asked several of the employees here at TSS-Radio to see what media they use and how the feel about it. Here is what I got:

netflix Myself(Josh): I just got Netflix for my Xbox360. It streams right to my HDTV and displays the movie’s full glory. The amount of instant content on Netflix is a little lacking(around 12,000 titles), but the quality of the stream(variable by ISP of course, I use just standard cable internet) is outstanding. As my colleague on Digital Radio Central, Sgip2000, pointed out, you have to preselect the content you want to see on from your computer first and then it becomes available on your Xbox360. Other than the preselection of the content, I would suggest to anyone who has both an Xbox360 and Netflix to check it out. It’s a great way to watch the Netflix Instant content on your TV and in HD.

siriusTish:I have a lot of stuff. Specifically, I have a lot of entertainment options.  From an iPod and Wii to DJ equipment and digital cable, I can never legitimately be bored.  There are two things, though, that have really simplified my media consumption.  First is the Tivo.  Tivo allows me to watch whatever I want whenever I have time.  I love that I can set the Tivo to record some obscure movie that only plays once at 3 A.M. on Wednesday night and then watch it at my leisure–which is definitely NOT 3 A.M. on a Wednesday night!

The second media device that has made my life a lot easier is my SIRIUS Satellite Radio.  I currently live in Chicago but my family lives in Southwest Ohio, so I travel back and forth several times a year by car.  The SIRIUS radio allows me to listen to commercial free music, with a wide variety of musical genres represented, without changing the channel or dealing with static for the entire 500 mile trip.  Besides the music, I LOVE the NPR stations!  I always try to schedule my trip so I can catch Talk of the Nation Science Friday and The Splendid Table on the weekends. In addition to the great programming–SIRIUS has that traditional radio feel that is missing from the iPod or Slacker experience.  I actually really like hearing DJs and top of the hour news reports and the variety of talk programs.  I love music, but the human element is really missing from most of the other portable media options. There is something special about the personal feel you get with talk or terrestrial radio and I feel SIRIUS offers that without all of the repetitive junk and commercials.

All in all, the Tivo and SIRIUS Radio both offer diversity in your programming options and the ability to enjoy only what you are interested in without all of the filler.  So, if you haven’t already….Check ’em out!!

memorexRoss:I put the Memorex cassette mix tape into my GE walkman and then put my Koss over ear headphones on (need to replace that damn missing foam on one ear).

We will be adding a few more opinions from TSS-Radio Staff, but now we want to hear from You. Just Click Below to COMMENT and tell us about your media!

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Valentine’s Day Dedication on SIRIUS XM LOVE

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009
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According to SIRIUS, “SIRIUS XM Love Channel 3 ,will be playing Valentine’s Day dedications all day long on V-Day! To get your dedication on the air, call our Love Line at 866-267-0442 between February 9 and February 13.”

sirius love

This is a great chance to get your Valentine’s dedication on SIRIUS XM Love and show your sweetie how much you care for them. Be sure to call in and request your dedication before Friday 13th. and Listen on Saturday 14th Valentine’s Day for your dedication.

Some of the artists you’ll hear on SIRIUS XM Love include, “Phil Collins, Whitney Houston, Elton John, Luther Vandross, Rod Stewart, Mariah Carey, Journey and Celine Dion.”

SIRIUS XM Love-Romantic music and soft pop ballads, featuring lyrics of love .

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NEW-SIRIUS/XM Home Antenna Pro-600

Friday, January 9th, 2009
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pro 600

Pixel Technologies Pro-600 Professional Home Antenna

This Sirius/XM antenna is packed with useful features and technology. The Pro-600 can stream both SIRIUS and XM signals and can pull in the signal better than the standard SIRIUS home antenna. When paired with standard RG-6 cable (sold separately) this antenna can reach lengths up to 200ft.

The Antenna comes with:

  • High Gain Antenna Panel
  • Azimuth/Elevation Adjustable Mount
  • Pole-Mount hardware
  • 3′ F to SMB Adapter Cable
  • Weather Boot
  • Wall Mount Screws and Anchors

If you need RG-6 cable to run with this antenna see our SIRIUS Home Installation Accessories.


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Last Minute Gifts for All Budgets

Monday, December 22nd, 2008
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If you are looking to score a great deal on Last Minute Shopping, check out these deals

sportster 4Sportster 4 Home and Car Kit Package- This is a great deal for anyone looking to get a complete setup. This comes with a Home Kit+Car Kit, Sportster 4 receiver, a great Discount price and everything you need right out of the box!

invInV Home Package with Boombox- If Frankenstein made Sirius Radio Kits this is what it would look like, But what this kit lacks in looks it makes up for with its Discount price. Coming in at an unheard of price of $29.99 for a Receiver, Home stand and Boombox, this is sure to make its way under everyone’s tree this year!

stratus 5Stratus 5 with Soloist Sound System- Now if you are looking for a Fancy-Schmancy High Class radio setup without the price tag this is the gift for you.  Taking two of our best sellers and pairing them with a big markdown makes you look like the Hero this Holiday Season, and little do they know you got this at a Discount price!

stiletto 2 Stiletto 2 and Car Kit Package- If you have been waiting to Buy a Stiletto 2 now is the time! This Package is on Discount for everyone who is looking to get the newest portable receiver and for those who love to spoil others this makes an all inclusive package to get them going with SIRIUS. This comes with the Stiletto 2 Receiver with standard accessories and the SLV2 Stiletto 2 Car Kit. Now is the best time to go for a Stiletto 2, Buy now and also get a FREE Leather Portfolio Case with purchase!

Stiletto 100 Gift Bundle- This is a complete setup, No questions asked. You get the Stiletto 100 portable receiver, Soloist Home Sound System(that also docks iPods in addition to SIRIUS Radios),  a Stiletto SLV1 Car Kit, and $12.95 Sirius Gift Card plus a FREE Leather Portfolio Case! This kit is a Screaming, Out-of-the-Ball Park Home Run SIRIUS Setup.

XMp3XMp3 XM Portable Satellite Radio-This is the newest XM Portable Radio and has been built to the brim with high-tech features.

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Want your SIRIUS-XM-iPod to Transmit throughout your Home?

Friday, December 5th, 2008
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The WHOLE HOUSE FM TRANSMITTER is what you need!

Perfect gift for someone who wants to broadcast audio throughout their home, car, or RV!

This FM Transmitter will take an audio connection of either USB, RCA(Red and White Cables), or Headphone Jack and turn it into a FM Radio station. The Whole House FM Transmitter will broadcast up to 175 ft unobstructed.

This is also great if you have a SIRIUS-XM Radio that has a weak FM transmitter. This will plug directly into a SIRIUS-XM Dock and broadcast the Audio stronger and clearer than the built in FM transmitter.


  • RCA Jack Adapter with In-line Volume Control
  • High Quality 120V AC Power Adapter
  • Internal Battery Compartment (takes 3 AA Batteries not included)
  • Retractable USB Power Cable
  • 12V Mobile Power Adapter
  • Retractable 3.5mm Stereo Cable
  • Complete Plug & Play Instruction

Check it out HERE and see what it is like having your SIRIUS-XM-iPod throughout your house!

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Brand New XMP3 Portable Satellite Receiver and More!

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008
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Just in is the New XMP3 XM Portable Receiver loaded with features that will blow your mind!

Big hit features like:

  • Record XM programming 3 ways: automatic, scheduled, 1-touch–record up to 5 channels at once!
  • With the microSD™ card slot, you can listen to your own MP3s
  • TuneSelect feature alerts users when certain songs are on-air
  • Pause, rewind and replay up to 30 minutes of live XM
  • 100 hour of internal recording space

With the receiver you also get:

  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Earbud Headphones
  • Remote Control
  • Home Dock
  • AC Adapter
  • USB Cable
  • RCA Cable

Basically this is arguably the best portable satellite radio receiver ever produced. The XMP3 combines several different technologies to make for a smash hit receiver. The ability to record 5 channels at once, MicroSD card slot, and Pause/Rewind features makes this receiver a force to reckoned with. Also this receiver currently is running with a rebate so check it out at least and see why everyone is talking about the XMP3 Portable Satellite Radio!

Also in:

XM INNO2 Portable Receiver from Pioneer


XM SkyFi3 from Delphi


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What happens when a product is out-of-stock?

Thursday, August 7th, 2008
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When you see an out-of-stock message on our website, there are a couple of reasons that it is unavailable.


Reason 1. Items are just temporarily out-of-stock. This means that the manufacturer or distributor has not received a shipment or that we ordered too few and sold out. Using the Link below the out-of-stock message on the product page, “Click Here to Join the Notification List“, is a great way to be notified when a product is received, same day!

Reason 2. In some cases items have been discontinued but we are in the process of trying to find them from another source. In rare instances, we may receive a small batch or refurbished items, in which case getting on the Notify List by clicking the blue link on the product page is the best way to be notified if we get them in. In some cases also we put a link in the description to a product that may act as a replacement.

In any case get on the Notify List or Call/Email and ask to be placed on the Notify List. This is the only way you can be updated on the status of a product or given a replacement suggestion.

These are the two main reasons that you might see . But we do always ask that if you have any questions about the status of a certain product to call us at 312-846-6606 or email us at sales@tss-radio. We will be glad to give you the status or time frame if available.

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Great SIRIUS XM Accessories

Monday, July 14th, 2008
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If you have SIRIUS satellite radio and have a Plug and Play or Dock and Play unit, here are a few accessories and tips that will help you get the most out of your SIRIUS receiver!

First Protecting your SIRIUS Receiver:

There are several ways and products around that will help you get a long life out of your unit.

A Plug and Play carrying case

sirius carry case


Many people who have SIRIUS forget about this little beauty. This case can hold almost any SIRIUS receiver and keeps it from the wind,rain, and unfortunate drops on the pavement. This unit has a soft interior lining and a belt clip. It’s heavy-duty design is made to help the transfer from home to car and back again so smoothly. If you have SIRIUS you need this, and at $9.99 ,its a worthy investment for your precious SIRIUS receiver.

The Static Reliever

This is a must have. No questions asked. This will relieve that annoying FM static on your car radio. This semi-permanent product can be taken from one car to the next. Some cars need an extra FM Antenna Adapter that can be found here. This little baby is good but if you are looking for something with CD quality sound check out our line of Aux-Input adapters.( see here for some install help and guides HERE)


A Clean Custom-look

A Vehicle Specific Mount AKA a VSM is a great way to mount your SIRIUS satellite radio without having to use a suction cup or adhesive. These mounts require only simple hand tools and NO drilling of the dash. They install right onto a bolt or screw that the factory already placed. Mostly it requires just lifting on a dash piece and bolting this bracket on and replacing the dash piece. When used with a swivel found here, these can be angled to be seen from every seat in the car, truck, or Semi-Rig.


With all products that are out there finding one or two ,that will keep your SIRIUS satellite radio safe and sound, is easy and affordable. If you have any questions about your SIRIUS radio you can always email me at


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SIRIUS for your Motorcycle

Monday, July 7th, 2008
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Motorcycles and SIRIUS Satellite Radio are a match made in heaven. The ability to listen to a channel you love, without ever changing the station, from coast to coast is priceless. Never having to change the frequency,from town to town, means more time enjoying the ride.

There are a few different ways to put SIRIUS on your bike. I will explain the different ways from the simplest to the most custom.

The Simplest way #1

Install level= Easy

Using a universal motorcycle mount kit with a plug and play radio, this way would give you a handlebar mounted SIRIUS radio that would need to be connect to a set of speakers or headphones.

It would look a little like this:


The Next Hardest Way

Install Level= Medium

This is a step higher on the custom look chart. This way is to use a custom SIRIUS mount that uses the left clutch or right brake assembly to hold the bracket for your SIRIUS. These are available for most bikes like Honda, Harley-Davidson, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha.

It would look a little like this:

 The Hardest Way

Install Level= Hard

The reason I put this as hardest is because it requires a aftermarket stereo built-into your motorcycle. Anything along the Panasonic, Alpine, Pioneer, or Sony lines. This is the best way to get SIRIUS on your bike. It would require the installation of a SIRIUS  in-dash connect kit found here: In dash sirius. These kit would connect audio directly and give you a full in dash Custom look.

Well I hope that this small guide can shed some light on the wide world of SIRIUS on a motorcycle and can maybe help you decide with route you want to go with. Thanks.

We now have XM Motorcycle Kits too!

Any questions or comment email:

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