Technical Update on a Few Products

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I want to take a moment here on the TSS-Radio Blog and post a few Technical Updates for some products we sell. As always not only do we sell Satellite Radio Products-we are here for you Before, During and After the sale is made, to ensure a quality experience with and the products we sell.

Technical Update #1- The SIRGM2L is a product we offer to convert select GM branded vehicles 2006-2009.  The update on this unit includes a .pdf Installer’s Guide to help ensure a successful installation. The sheet is more of a quick guide to installation, but it does come in handy for the Do-It-Yourselfer. The quick guide can be found/printed here:

Technical Update #2- iSimple kits are designed to allow many vehicles the ability to receive In-Dash SIRIUS. The Technical Update includes a key step the the instruction manuals have seemed to not include. The .pdf is a quick reference guide for installers, but a must for self installers. It will take you step by step on each of the required processes. The installer guide can be found here:

If you need assistance in any installation feel free to shoot me an email: or give me a call up 773-772-4340 ask for Josh. Thanks for Reading!

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3 Responses to “Technical Update on a Few Products”

  1. Martin Toenders says:

    Originally we had a Sirius Sporster radio that would send out a signal strong enough to be picked up anywhere in our house and garage.

    Now we have a Sirius Starmate 3 and the signal can be received in just two rooms.

    Do you have an amplifier that will boost the signal strength?

    Also can the original radio be repaired?

    Martin Toenders

  2. Vincent G says:

    Do u know anyone that can fixs a sirius satellite radio. If u do can u gave there address or phone number thank you.

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