Tip of the Week with a Surprise Interview!

Here’s a maiden voyage on a new idea I’d like to try, Tip of The Week from ours truly JoshI will give, each week, a new tip ranging from Portable Radios to Car Kit Installs. Also I’m am going to try to get interviews with relevant people throughout the Satellite Radio World to make this blog a little more interesting to read.

This Week’s Tip:

How to get A la Carte SIRIUS Programming on your SIRIUS Radio

First, you need to purchase a SIRIUS Radio that is A la Carte compatible. Currently the Starmate 5 is the only SIRIUS Radio that can receive A la Carte Programming.

Second, Go online to SIRIUS.com and Click Install and Activate at the Top of the page.

Third, Follow the steps through and activate your SIRIUS Radio. and BAM your Done!

Fourth, Enjoy the programming YOU pick and control!

Interview of the Week: Jamie from TSS-Radio

Josh: How do you feel people reacted to the merger?

Jamie: I feel a lot of people didn’t even know that the merger happened. The people who did know were really confused about what that meant to them.

Josh: What do you think of A la Carte programming?

Jamie:It’s pretty much sweet but the options don’t make it a very attractive choice. I think this is also an issue people are confused on. If all you really want is music or just some talk radio it’s great. If you want any premium station you might as well get a full subscription.

Josh: Do you listen to SIRIUS at home? If so what is your favorite channel or SIRIUS celebrity?

Jamie: Yeah. I love Sirius actually. I don’t have cable and it’s the next best thing. My favorite channel is Sirius OutQ 109 for DNR and Diana Cage. My favorite music stations are Sirius Disorder, Boombox, Outlaw Country, The Beat, Alt Nation, Left of Center, any of the Decades Channels….. Come to think of it, there aren’t very many music stations I don’t like.

Josh: You’re a younger guy, do you see your peers with Satellite Radio?

 Jamie: I don’t. Not because they wouldn’t like it but because they don’t understand why anyone would pay for radio when there is free internet radio. It’s such a great substitution for cable. If someone is looking for an MP3 player that isn’t an iPod, a Stiletto is great substitution. If someone has an office job and they are able to set it up, a soloist and any radio that will dock on it is AbFab.

Josh: Why not? What keeps them from buying SIRIUS?

Jamie: The thing that keeps a lot of people from buying Sirius is because they don’t know how much they would love it until they get it. Here are the people whose life sucks because they don’t have SatRad:1.People who drive in cars.2.People who sit at desks.3.People who walk. 4.People who take public transportation.5.People who are sad.6.People who have ears.7.People with Ebeneezer Scrooge hearts.

Josh: How would you get younger people to try SIRIUS? I know me being a young guy myself I do not see many of my peers with SIRIUS, but after you get it you can’t go back to the “other” radio, it’s so worth it.

 Jamie: Yeah. I think you just answered your own question, Champ.

Josh: Last Question, When do you plan to release a comedy album? You’re a big comedy star here in Chicago, so when are you going to cut a few tracks?

Jamie: www.myspace.com/woney

Let me know how you guys feel about the new “Tip of the Week” and who you would like to see Interviewed?

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