TSS Radio is now Podcasting

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Good News Everyone!

TSS-Radio will now be doing a weekly Podcast to keep everyone update on the news and happenings within the Satellite Radio World.

We will discuss anything from Product Update, Industry News, or even a few helpful Tips and Tricks.

Here is the first of many be sure to check back!


Links to the items mentioned in the Podcast




Soloist Universal Sound System

You can now find the TSS-Radio Podcast in iTUNES Store, just search for “TSS-Radio”.

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4 Responses to “TSS Radio is now Podcasting”

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  2. DAB says:

    Hey guys, great job on your first TSS Radio Podcast. The Soloist Review was right on. I’ve got two Soloist Docks and not only do they sound great, but being able to use them for the iPod and other aux-input devices is really nice. I’ve been going to sleep and waking up to tunes ever since I bought this jewel and I highly recommend it.

    The technical segment was very good as well. My only suggestion is the music in the background during the technical segment either needs to be lowered big time in volume or just cut out after the first 30 seconds. I found myself paying more attention to the beat than what was being said.

    You guys ROCK! I am already looking forward to the next one and the one thing I REALLY like is that it was short and directly to the point. There are so many Podcast out there were folks just ramble and ramble. Get to the point already! Again GREAT JOB!

    Peace Out!


  3. me_rubin says:


    Jimmy did a great job on this podcast! Love the technical section with the Q&A.

    Nice to put in plugs for other websites. I’m going to go check those out.

    Looking forward to next week! Keep up the good work!



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