A Stiletto Buyers Guide

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So you’re thinking of buying a Stiletto or have already bought one. What accessories or tips do you need to get the most out of your Stiletto?

With this guide I will show you a few products and tips to help you get the most out of your investment.

First I will address the folks who have not yet purchased a Stiletto, so if you already have one please feel free to skip this section. Ok, you’re most likely looking at Stiletto’s because the are new, portable, and incredibly enjoyable, but being as there are technically three Stilettos it can be confusing as to which one is right for you.

First off we’ll look at the Stiletto 10. This unit was developed as a base model portable live Sirius radio. It has an internal memory of 10 hours and is not expandable with a memory card. The Stiletto 10 (SL10) does not support WiFi. It has been discontinued.

The Stiletto 100: Physically identical to the Stiletto 10, but offers more features including Up to 100 hours of storage (2 GB),Schedule up to 6 hour blocks of recording from SIRIUS’ Commercial Free Content,and SIRIUS Replay™—Pause, rewind and replay 44 minutes of live radio. It does have WiFi built in, with the WiFi feature, you will be able to listen SIRIUS inside any building were there is an accessible WiFi connection.

The Stiletto 2: Brand new and sleek looking the SL2 is a fan favorite. It brings all the features of the SL100 plus the ability to use a Micro-SD memory card and use both B and G WiFi. This unit is slightly small and different color, and has an internal battery rather than an external battery like the SL10/Sl100. The SL2 uses the same internal interface menus as the SL10/Sl100. It however does not use the same docks and cradles as the SL10/Sl100. If you are upgrading from the Stiletto 10/100 to the Stiletto 2 you can use the power and antenna cables from the previous car/home kit and just use the Stiletto 2 car dock or Stiletto 2 home dock.

Ok, so you have your Stiletto, now here are a few suggestions to help you protect, customize,and enhance you new toy.

Stiletto Cases:There are many cases out there for your Stiletto, Leather cases,  ruggedized cases, and Neoprene cases to name a few. Choosing one is a personal choice, based on intended use. If you’re a runner, a stiletto armband case is perfect. If you’re a professional, a sleek stiletto leather case touches your Stiletto off nicely, and for you construction workers, a stiletto ruggedized case will protect it from any accidental drops or bumps.


Stiletto Headphones: The Stiletto does come with a set of Antenna Headphones, but if you get the SL10/Sl100 you may want to upgrade to the Stiletto 2 Antenna Headphones, which are made by Altec Lansing, padded and comfortable. Also Stiletto come with standard SIRIUS earbud headphones which DO NOT have an antenna built inside.

With Stiletto you can use a variety of aftermarket earbuds to get the best quality sound from you Stiletto.  We have a variety of headphone that can be found HERE

If you have a Stiletto 2 this is a feature exclusive to you. Adding a MicroSD card will let you store more of your own mp3 music files to play at your leisure.   We’d recommend the 8gb Kingston Flash Memory Card

 Stiletto Screen Protectors: You just made a SIRIUS investment( no pun intended) and you want to keep it nice and clean and free of scratches, I suggest the Sirius Stiletto 2 Screen Shield for Stiletto 2 and Sirius Stiletto 100/10 Screen Shield for Stiletto 10/100 these are applied like standard car window tint and are designed to protect you stiletto screen from any unwanted scratches and nicks.

TIPS and TRICKS for Stilettos:
Tips for both SL100/Sl2:

  • Use a Screen shield, please, you will thank me after the first time you accidentally put your Stiletto in the same pocket as your car keys, I’ve done it :(
  • Fully Shutdown the Stiletto before you remove the battery.
  • Shut down often, especially at night if not in use.
  • Update often, use the USB cable and connect it up to your computer or alternatively connect it to WiFi.
  • When 80% of internal memory is used, the Stiletto may start to glitch. The easiest fix is to clean out your recordings.
  • After you purchase a Stiletto, UPDATE IT!. It will put the newest version on you Stiletto and fix a few bugs that may have been present when you unit was purchased.
  • Use My Sirius Studio software

If you have a Stiletto 2 this is specific for you:

  • Format your MicroSD card

This is pretty much everything I can think about Stiletto that will help you the consumer be satisfied and give you a long lasting, quality product.

If you have any addition or comment feel free to email me at:


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10 Responses to “A Stiletto Buyers Guide”

  1. Robert Paulson says:

    Great advice!
    I have had my Stiletto2 for about three weeks now.
    I love it.
    I already put on the screen saver, and I agree with Josh, it is a MUST have.
    I don’t have an sd card installed yet, but thanks for the advice on full shutdown.
    TSS-RADIO is the best!
    Keep up the good work and thanks for the blog.

  2. Dane says:

    How do you classify your SD card recordings? I am unable to put the artist names in so I can play per artist from my SD recordings. Its like its locked.

  3. Robert Paulson says:

    Try this site;

    This thread deals with playlists on the stiletto.
    If you read down the pages, some people are using the Windows Media Player instead of the software that comes from Sirius.
    I’ve done this, but just haven’t put it on a card.
    Good Luck!

  4. jim attridge says:

    I love the stiletto 2 also but i cannot figure out how to use the radio replay feature. i have it turned on in the Settings screen, and have listened to a music channel continuously for more than 15 minutes, but when I go to the Radio Replay section, it says that there is nothing availble. Any suggestions?? Thanks

  5. Joe Dorsey says:

    Does anyone know of the existence of a Stiletto 2 antenna coupler which would allow a outboard Sirius antenna to be attached to the Stiletto 2 without using the home dock? I want to use my Stiletto 2 where there is no WiFi and/or satellite reception is spotty. I could patch in an antenna which has better gain and have reception. I saw a home made unit on eBay a few weeks ago but the maker only makes them from time to time. Thanks, Joe Dorsey P.S. Jim, my radio reply keeps recording programs and I had no idea that they were there.

  6. Robert Paulson says:

    Jim, how much memory have you used?
    Have you downloaded alot of mp3’s?
    Go into Settings,
    find Device,
    click on Memory usage.
    You may have used all your memory so there’s no
    room for radio replays.

    Joe, I’ve looked for this too. So far no luck.

  7. Bill says:

    Hi, I’m considering buying a st2. I want to use some special headphones I already have that work great with my motorcycle helmet.

    I’m worried about reception though. is there a separate antenia I can use instead of having to use headphones that have an antenia built in.

  8. Neil Wesley says:

    Is there an aux cable that will allow connecting to my vehicle to play, at least, the library on my Stiletto 2??

  9. Josh says:

    I’m unsure of what you are asking for. Could you maybe so into more detail or maybe a Make Model Year of the car? I think you looking for an Aux-input so you can listen to your Stiletto with CD quality sound in your car, if so check out our product finder. Thanks for the comment and reading the blog.

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