Universal Home and Car Kits in Stock

We received the SUPH1 SIRIUS home kit and the SUPV1 SIRIUS vehicle kits today. Unlike past vehicle and home kits, these kiits will be compatible with most of the SIRIUS radios released in the next year.

The advantages of SIRIUS moving to a more universal docking system can’t be understated. When most of the newer Plug and Play Receivers (Sportster 4 and Newer) are able to use the same docking connection the number of accessories that can be easily produced will increase. Engineering new accessories and parts is limited by the cost to make them when the quantity is lower. This will insure more accessories and options. Many of the newer units will be a similar size allowing for companies to invest more into making carrying cases and such.

The SIRIUS products will become easier for the public to use and understand in the coming months. The S50 which was once more complicated has been nearly perfected with the Recent Firmware Update. The unit continues to sell well at retailers and is well liked by it’s users.

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