Waiting for IN-Dash SIRIUS Radio?

Looking for a In-Dash SIRIUS for you car? Have you been told it isn’t available?

 Some cars will not be able to have In-Dash SIRIUS available, so I am going to guide you through and find you a setup perfect for you!

-This is a Vehicle Specific Mount. It mounts your SIRIUS radio in a predetermined place and it becomes a hard mounted and stable bolt platform for your SIRIUS radio mount. It will give you a clean look and adds a factory installed look when paired with the the power and audio hard-wire kits below.

-This is a SIRIUS Power Hardwire Kit. This will be installed to a 12v power-line in your vehicle. This will add to the factory look and greatly minimize the amount of cables that can be seen.

Now the next section it depends on your car.

Question #1-Do you have an AUX-In plug?

An AUX-In plug looks like this:


Answer #1-IF YOU HAVE THIS, GREAT!  You can buy any SIRIUS Radio and feel confident that you will get the best audio sound quality. All you need is a SIRIUS Radio ,Vehicle Specific Mount , Power Hard-Wire Kit and An Aux-In Cable. The Aux-In Cable will plug from this port on your car stereo and then into the AUDIO OUT on the SIRIUS Dock.


We have three options:

A Cassette Audio Adapter for cars that have a cassette deck. This may (for some) be the best solution. If you have that cassette deck in your car, then you simply plug this into the cassette and the AUDIO OUT of the SIRIUS Radio Dock.

An FM Direct Adapter.  This is a device that will eliminate static from your SIRIUS Setup. This plugs into the back of your car stereo(in the am/FM antenna port) and then a long cable routes and plugs into the FM OUT of the SIRIUS Radio dock.  This is a very cost/effective solution for most any vehicle. NOTE: some cars may need FM antenna adapters found HERE

An Auxiliary Input Device. This will give you CD quality sound from your SIRIUS Radio. All you have to do is plug this into the CD Changer Port or Sat port on the back of the Car stereo head-unit. This will run up to the SIRIUS Radio car dock and plug into the AUDIO OUT port on the SIRIUS Dock. This is the most effective way to get audio into your car.

So If you have a car that does not have a In-Dash SIRIUS Unit available Please Email me and I can help you setup something that looks great and gives you that SIRIUS Radio you desire. EMAIL US   Be sure to include your make model and Year!

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