We are Hustlers

This morning I was hit by a really excellent blog post entitled Work Smarter and Harder from another Chicago entrepreneur, Jeffrey Kalmikoff from Threadless about how he views his work/life balance.

What became very clear to me is that there are two distinct types of entrepreneurs: hustlers and lifestylers. Me? I’m a hustler (aww, yeah!). I escape 9-5 by working 8 to 8. I work weekends. When I’m not working, I’m thinking about work. Sound bad? Maybe we have different ideas of what work is. Work has no negative connotations to me. It’s equally rewarding as it is inspiring; equally exciting as it is relaxing. I always have my eye on the prize: making things better all the time for our company, for our community and for our customers. It’s not that I have no life, hustlers are expert life-multitaskers. They recognize that ideas or opportunities can arise at any time, and they’re always prepared. Ever seen Gary Vaynerchuk speak or watch WLTV? Hustler. Ever notice how Mark Ecko always has 100 things going on at a time? Hustler. Hustlers work smarter and harder.

That’s how Taylor and I feel about this business.  Thanks for putting it so clearly @fancyjeffrey.

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