Where do you get SIRIUS Signal?

 We want to know where you get SIRIUS Service!

 We get many different reports from people from all the way down in Belize to fisherman in the Atlantic that get SIRIUS signal. So we want to know where do you get service?

We’ll make it a contest, send us a photo of your SIRIUS setup and the general area you live in and we’ll send you some TSS gear. We’re going on the honor system because we trust you!

 Submissions with pictures would be greatly appreciated as we are curious of everyone setup. Anyone who sends in a Picture and the area they get SIRIUS, will receive TSS Gear. We have some good stuff so hurry, the first submissions will get the best stuff.

So if you’d like to submit your SIRIUS setup and location here is the link. Email Sales@TSS-Radio.com

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