Which antenna should I choose?

We carry a lot more SIRIUS antennas than most other stores and are frequently asked, “which is the best deal”? The answer depends on your preferences, but hopefully the description below will be helpful:

We carry Many SIRIUS antennas for the car:

SIRIUS Radio Antenna for $16.99 – this is a cheaper antenna that is functionally the same as the directed electronics one. We buy them in bulk and they come in simpler packaging (a plastic bag with a label).

SIRIUS Dot Micro Antenna for $24.99 – this is a higher gain antenna and, if you are in an area where you get poor reception, will offer you better reception. The Dot Micro is the antena that is shipped with most modern SIRIUS radios, including the S50, the Sportster 4, etc.

SIRIUS Mobile Dot Micro Antenna for $19.99 is functionally the same as the other Dot Micro antenna – it is also a higher-gain antenna and it looks exactly the same – but we buy them in bulk and they ship in simpler packaging.

The Terk SIR-Mini SIRIUS Antenna for Older Receivers for $39.99 uses the old-style plastic FAKRA connector. This antenna is only useful if you have a SIRIUS Radio that is more than 2 years old. Check your existing antenna to see if it has the old-style connector before ordering this product.

The XACT SIRIUS Antenna for $29.99 doesn’t really have any advantages over the other antennas. We don’t usually recommend it, but some people with XAct SIRIUS radios feel more comfortable with an antenna that carries the same brand-name.

We also carry 3 antennas for use in the home:

SIRIUS Home PNP Antenna for $14.99 is the same as the antenna that comes with most SIRIUS home radio systems and the home kits for SIRIUS PNP Radios.

SIRIUS Home Outdoor Antenna for $49.95 is an antenna that plugs into your SIRIUS home system with a coaxial cable (not included), and mounts on the outside of your home. Sometimes people need the outdoor antenna because the construction of their house or the foliage around their house makes it difficult for them to get a strong signal with an antenna inside their house.

We also have 1 antenna that is specifically designed to be used in big trucks called the SIRIUS Truck antenna for $54.95. It can be mounted on a variety of places on a truck including the mirror mount, flap mount, air dam shield mount.

We also have an antenna that is designed to be mounted on boats – the TERK SIR5 SIRIUS Marine Antenna for $69.95.

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