SIRIUS Stiletto Car Kit Bundle SLV1

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Sirius Stiletto Car Kit Bundle SLV1 (CSLV1)

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Price as configured: $67.99

    Stiletto 100 Car Kit SLV1 Bundle
Direct Wired Aux Cable Connection Kit For Sirius XM Radios   +$0.00
Sirius Stiletto 100 and Stiletto 10 SLV1 Car Cradle (Refurbished/Preowned Condition)   +$0.00
SIRIUS Dot Micro Car Antenna   +$0.00
5 Volt Car Power Adapter for SIRIUS & XM (w/SIRIUS Logo)   +$0.00
SIRIUS Stiletto Remote Control   +$0.00
SIRIUS Original Stiletto Mount   +$0.00
SIRIUS Vent Mount   +$0.00
SIRIUS Mounting Screws   +$0.00

Price as configured: $67.99


Note:This bundle is assembled at TSS-Radio from our inventory. Currently the only supply of car docks we are able to get for this bundle have some cosmetic wear. We guarantee that despite their less than new condition, these car docks function as they should. All other parts are guaranteed new.

The Sirius Stiletto SLV1 Car Kit Bundle is essential for anyone who wants to use their Sirius Stiletto 10 or Sirius Stiletto 100 Portable Radios in their car.

The kit includes all the accessories your car needs to both mount and dock your Stiletto 10/100 as well as receive a signal from the included car antenna. The included 5 Volt Cigarette Lighter Adapter will power and charge your Stiletto while driving. The built in FM-Transmitter will broadcast the SIRIUS signal to your vehicles FM Radio.


  • 10 Preset Buttons
  • Finger Grip for convenient use in the car while driving
  • Jump button for instant access to SIRIUS traffic and weather
  • Locking mechanism to secure your Stiletto while driving
  • Will charge your Stiletto in the vehicle
  • Built-in FM transmitter
  • FM Preset button which will store up to 3 different FM frequencies
  • Stereo Audio Output


  • Vehicle Dock (May have some cosmetic issues)
  • Remote Control
  • Low Profile Vehicle Antenna
  • 5V Vehicle Power Adapter
  • Adhesive and Vent Mounts