E-Caddy Deluxe Motorcycle Mounting Plate

Part Number: CMM-ECAD-PB

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E-Caddy Deluxe Motorcycle Mounting Plate  

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    E-Caddy Deluxe Motorcycle Mounting Plate
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    E-Caddy Deluxe Motorcycle Mounting Plate Demo
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    E-Caddy Deluxe Motorcycle Mounting Plate GPS
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    E-Caddy Deluxe Motorcycle Mounting Plate Cradle
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    E-Caddy Deluxe Motorcycle Mounting Plate Bare


The e-Caddy is ideal for mounting electronic devices that use an AMPS pattern to a Custom Motorcycle Mount.  This two piece kit includes the electronic holding plate for attaching to your device, and the mounting bracket that attaches to a Custom Motorcycle Mount. The multi-facted lug on the electronic holding plate allows for adjusting the angle of the device to 6 (six) different viewing positions. The Quick On/Quick Off feature helps removes all the worry about leaving your expensive electronic devices on the bike at the end of the ride, simply lift it out and take it with you.  The mounting bracket features the UltraSecure, an included allen screw that installs cross-wise over the mounting lug once the electronic plate is in place, offering another level of security.


  • Simple two piece system
  • AMPS compatitble
  • Quick On/Quick Off feature
  • Vibrant Chrome finish


NOTE: The eCaddy Deluxe will not work with the TomTom Rider. The threaded mounting holes on the e-Caddy holding plate are too small to interface with the mounting screws and inserts used for the Rider cradle.