TSS-Store Guy FAQs:

We have a few presentations on SIRIUS XM topics in a flash format - hopefully they are helpful. If you have a suggestion for a new topic send us an email at sales@tss-radio.com and suggest one.

*While some presentations refer solely to Sirius Satellite Radio, the subjects are relatively general and apply to both Sirius and XM satellite radio setups. Please contact us if you have any other questions.


1. SIRIUS beginner's guide

Not sure what radio to select? Not sure what SIRIUS XM plan to sign up for? Want to know how to activate and install your SIRIUS XM system? This FAQ will tell you everything that you need to get started.


2. Sound quality in your car

Do you get static when listening to SIRIUS XM in your car? This FAQ will tell you what your options are for improved sound quality. This FAQ covers fm transmitters, wired FM modulators, terrestrial repeaters and auxiliary inputs.


3. Sound quality in your home

Does your signal cut out when listening at home? This FAQ covers extension cables, repeaters, outdoor antennas, and home antenna placement.

4. Vehicle Specific Mounts

Are you tired of seeing wires all over your dash? Do you constantly have problems with your suction cup mounts? Do you want a more profesional look for your vehicle? This guide will show you some of the benefits a vehicle specific mount or VSM.