Honda XM5-HON98

Part Number: XM5-HON98

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Honda XM5-HON98

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    Honda XM5-HON98


The XM5-HON98 will allow direct audio input of the XM 5 Volt units, as well as the SIRIUS 5 Volt Units through the CD Changer port of the OEM Honda radio for optimal sound quality. The built-in 5-volt power supply of the XM5-HON98 powers the Satellite Radio unit directly, eliminating the need to use the external cigarette lighter adapter.

Will hardwire Audio and Power IN ONE!

Audio cable is compatible with all Sirius and XM radios as well as iPhones, Android phones and any other audio player with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack. Power is compatible only with a 5 Volt SIRIUS or XM Unit.

Connects at a 14-PIN Data Port at Headunit