2-Way Amplified Splitter SR-2A

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2-Way Amplified Splitter SR-2A

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This is an amplified two-way splitter kit designed to operate with any satellite radio receiver and antenna. It is equipped with female F-connectors and designed to operate with standard RG-6 cable. This splitter will drive up to 90 feet without any additional external amplifier.

For example:  If the antenna is rated to be able to drive up to 200 feet of RG-6 cable, the the sum of all the cable runs from the antenna through the splitter to the radio that is farthest away should not exceed 150 feet.

For longer runs use an amplifier kit. One can be found here.


  • 2-way Amplified Splitter
  • 2 SMB plug to F female adapter, 36"
  • 2 RG6 Couplers
  • Instructions