Direct Wired Aux Cable Connection Kit For Sirius XM Radios

    Part Number: SCD-01

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    Direct Wired Connection Kit Aux Cables

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      Aux Cable 6' Mini to RCA
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      Aux Cable 6' Mini to Mini
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      Aux Cable Main


    The perfect solution to listen to your Satellite Radio through your vehicle's Aux In jack, if your vehicle has one.

    • Connect directly to your vehicle's stereo: Play your Satellite Radio through your vehicle's auxiliary/Aux In jack (if your vehicle has one).
    • Quality sound: Direct audio connection to your vehicle's stereo provides improved sound quality.
    • Simple to use: Just select the Aux In Cable or the Stereo Audio Cable, depending upon your specific vehicle's Aux In jack configuration, and insert the one end into the "AUDIO"/"AUDIO OUT" (or similar) port on your Vehicle Dock* and the other end into your vehicle's auxiliary/aux in jack. You can also use this Kit to connect an MP3 or CD Player to a Sound System via its auxiliary/aux in jack (if the Sound System has one).


    • One 6' Mini to Mini Aux cable
    • One 6' Mini to RCA Aux in cable