FM Direct Adapter FMDA25

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FM Direct Adapter for Satellite Radios with an "FM Out" Port

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    Sirius XM FM Direct Adapter FMDA25 Contents
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    FM Direct Adapter FMDA


Some vehicles require an additional antenna adapter.  Check to see if your vehicle requires one HERE.


Eliminate static and FM Interference with the FM Direct Adapter. It directly connects to the the FM output on car docks to the FM antenna of your vehicle. As a result, nearly all static is eliminated. Works with almost every Sirius and SiriusXM Docking station and many of the newer XM Docking Stations. Just check to see if your Car Docking Station has an "FM Out" port to ensure compatibility.


  • Eliminates Static and improves sound quality vs FM Transmission
  • No need to change FM Frequencies to find a good signal


  • The FM DIRECT ADAPTER will disable your ability to listen to FM/AM stations while your Satellite Radio is 'turned on'. You MUST TURN OFF your Satellite Radio to listen to local FM/AM stations.
  • Many vehicles will require an additional Antenna Adapter in order to work. Check the Compatibility Tab for full info


  • FM Direct Adapter
  • User Guide

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