Bracketron TomTom AMPS Plate COM-204-PB

    Part Number: COM-204-PB

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    Bracketron TomTom AMPS Plate

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      Bracketron TomTom AMPS Plate COM-204-PB
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      Bracketron TomTom AMPS Plate COM-204-PB Flat


    This TomTom AMPS Adapter Plate is compatible with all TomTom devices that use a swivel ball socket on the back of the device or cradle. The TomTom AMPS Adapter Plate allows you to mount your GPS directly to a variety of Bracketron mounting products including Custom Bezel Mounts, Multi-Vehicle Mounts, the Universal Mount & Kits.

    • Compatible with all TomTom devices that use a 17mm swivel ball socket
    • Universal, Interchangeable system
    • Works with a variety of Bracketron Mounting options
    • Does Not Include mounting hardware

    TomTom ONE 125, ONE 125-S, TomTom ONE 130, TomTom ONE 130-S, TomTom XL 330, TomTom XL 330-S, TomTom ONE (1st, 2nd, 3rd versions), TomTom GO 520, 530, 720, 730, 730T, 920, 920P, 930, 930T