ISimple TranzIt USB Universal FM Adapter IS32

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    ISimple TranzIt USB Universal FM Adapter

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      ISimple TranzIt USB Universal FM Adapter IS32 Package
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      ISimple TranzIt USB Universal FM Adapter IS32 Contents


    You can enjoy music from your smartphone, mp3 player, tablet or any other portable media device through your car stereo with the iSimple TranzIt USB. Its 3.5mm audio input connects to an antenna bypass to offer great sounding audio playback through your car’s radio. In addition, the TranzIt USB offers a USB charging port to keep your smartphone or media player charged up and ready to go.


    • Compatible with any factory or aftermarket FM radio
    • Great audio playback quality
    • Can be installed in one of three configurations to best suit your vehicle
    • 3.5mm audio input connects easily to most smartphones, tablets, mp3 players, satellite radios, and more
    • Supports USB battery charging (charging cable not compatible) 

    NOTE: Some vehicles require an additional FM Antenna Adapter for installation of this part. Please see the compatibility tab