OEM Fakra to Aftermarket SMB Adapter Plug

    Part Number: FakraSMBPlug

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    OEM Fakra to Aftermarket SMB Adapter Plug. Allows you to use your car's built-in XM antenna with an aftermarket Sirius or XM radio.

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    This adapter will allow you to use your stock GM XM Car Antenna with your aftermarket Satellite Radio. This is a great adapter for people who are using the GM Connect and want to use their stock XM antenna instead of a SIRIUS or XM Magnetic antenna. 

    The XM Antenna will not pick up the SIRIUS Signal quite as strong as the SIRIUS Antenna.

    NOTE:This adapter will only work with single input antennas. Please check to make sure that your antenna is compatible prior to ordering. We do not compile a list with compatibility for this application.

    Not for use on Vehicles that have Internal XM Antennas, like those on the Side Mirrors.