Sirius Sportster 5 and Accessories

Sportster 5

The Sirius Sportster 5 has been discontinued. It was made between 2009 and 2011. It had two different versions one was the SP5TK1 which was the standard version and the other was the SDSP5V1 which was the PowerConnect version which included a PowerConnect 5 Volt Power Adapter and PowerConnect Car Cradle.

While Sportster 5 receivers are no longer available we may be able to repair some issues with them. Just check out our repair page for more information. However if you are looking for a replacement radio to use in all the same docking stations and boomboxes, the Starmate 8 Standalone Receiver will work.

Thankfully all the accessories and parts for the Sportster 5 are still available and listed below

Sirius Sportster 5 Home Kit

Sirius Sportster 5 PowerConnect Vehicle Kit

Sirius Sportster 5 NON PowerConnect Vehicle Kit

Sirius Sportster 5 Portable Sound System SXABB2

Sirius Sportster 5 Remotes

Sirius Sportster 5 Power Adapters and Sirius Sportster 5Antennas are easily found with our SiriusXM Parts Finder