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Sirius Starmate 5 and Accessories

Sirius Starmate 5

The Sirius Starmate 5 was one of SIRIUS' most popular radios. It came out in 2008 and was produced for a few years before being discontinued. With a Blue screen and many features the unit was a go to radio for many SIRIUS Subscribers. We may have a Refurbished Sirius Starmate 5 BSDST5V1 available.   

The good news is if you are looking for a replacement radio the Starmate 8 Standalone Receiver will fit in the same docks and Boomboxes. We may be able to do some repairs on your Sirius Starmate 5 radio depending on the situation, just check out Repair Page for more details.

When looking for replacement parts please keep in mind the Sirius Starmate 5 had two versions. One was PowerConnect the SDST5V1 and the other was Not PowerConnect the ST5TK1. When purchasing replacement Car Power Adapters and Car Docks just make sure the Dock and the Power Adapter you purchase are a compatible set. So if you have a Power Connect Cigarette Lighter Adapter you must buy a Power Connect Car Cradle to match it.


The following Kits and Accessories for the Sirius Starmate 5 are still available

Starmate 5 Home Kit SUPH1

Starmate 5 PowerConnect Car Kit SADV2

Starmate 5 NON PowerConnect Car Kit SUPV1

Starmate 5 Portable Sound System SXABB2

Replacement Docks, Antennas and Power Cords can be found using our Satellite Radio Parts Finder