Panavise InDash Mount 75133-200

    Part Number: 75133-200

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    Panavise InDash Mount 75133-200

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      Panavise InDash Mount 75133-200


    Easy to install vehicle specific mount from Panavise will give your SIRIUS install a clean and sharp look. All vehicle specific mounts come with instructions, but most require at least some disassembly of the dashboard of your vehicle and about 30-60 minutes time if you are reasonably technical. Installation does not require any special skills, but if you are not comfortable disassembling your dashboard you should consider having a local installer professionally install it for you.

    Installation Location:

    To the Right Side of the Radio

    Special Tools Recommended for Installation:

    Dash Trim Panel Tool

    Hook Tool Set

    Ford Radio Removal Tools

    We highly recommend using the Panavise Tipper in addition to the mount for clearance and tilting.

    9.3 Saab 2000 to 2003
    900 Saab 1997 to 1998
    Sedan Saab 2000 to 2002