Panavise InDash Mount 75145-101

    Part Number: 75145-101

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    Panavise InDash Mount 75145-101

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      Panavise InDash Mount 75145-101


    Easy to install vehicle specific mount from Panavise will give your SIRIUS install a clean and sharp look. All vehicle specific mounts come with instructions, but most require at least some disassembly of the dashboard of your vehicle and about 30-60 minutes time if you are reasonably technical. Installation does not require any special skills, but if you are not comfortable disassembling your dashboard you should consider having a local installer professionally install it for you.

    We highly recommend using the Panavise Tipper in addition to the mount for clearance and tilting.

    Installation Location:

    To the Right of the Air Vent

    Special Tools Recommended for Installation:

    Dash Trim Panel Tool

    Hook Tool Set

    Ford-Style DIN Removal Tools

    T-25 Torx Driver


    5000 International 2001 to 2009
    9000 International 1996 to 2009
    Eagle International 1996 to 2009