Panavise Tipper Swivel 685-PM

    Part Number: 685-PM

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    Panavise Tipper Swivel

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      Panavise Tipper Swivel 685-PM Installation Diagram
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      Panavise Tipper Swivel 685-PM All Together Now
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      Panavise Tipper Swivel 685-PM Vehicle Specific SL100
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      Panavise Tipper Swivel 685-PM Vehicle Specific SL100 Back


    The Panvise Tipper is the perfect accessory for any Custom Mount installation. The Tipper is an AMPS Compatible (4 bolt Pattern found on the back of many portable electronics including many SIRIUS Satellite Radios) Swivel that allows units that are mounted on a VSM to tilt 30 degrees in any direction or turn 360 degrees. It will also solve problems with accessibility to jacks on SIRIUS Radio docks mounted on wider mounts.