Pioneer Inno Car Kit CD-INCAR2

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    Pioneer Inno Car Kit CD-INCAR2

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      Inno Car Kit
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      Inno Car Kit Contents


    NOTE: This is a discontinued product and available on a very limited basis.

    Want to listen to and charge your Pioneer Inno in your vehicle? This XM Inno Car Kit is exactly what you need to install this groundbreaking portable radio in your vehicle. The clean look of this dash mounted kit includes all of the parts to mount your Pioneer Inno to your vehicles stereo. With the included parts you will have a choice in how you mount your Inno, how you connect the audio, and you will also receive a remote control.

    NOTE:  Only compatible with the 2nd generation of inno 


    • Convenience in mounting options -- vent or dash
    • Increases the options for taking your Inno along
    • Keep your Inno charged while you take it with you in your vehicle
    • Includes Cassette Tape Adapter for easy connection
    • Use the built in wireless trasmitter to "broadcast" the XM signal over your car's FM radio


    Bonus XM SureConnect