SiriusXM Lynx PowerConnect Vehicle Kit SXiV1

Part Number: SXiV1

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SiriusXM Lynx PowerConnect Vehicle Kit

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    SiriusXM Lynx PowerConnect Vehicle Kit SXiV1 Kit Contents
    SiriusXM Lynx PowerConnect Vehicle Kit SXiV1 Ghosty Radio in Dock
    SiriusXM Lynx PowerConnect Vehicle Kit SXiV1 Dock Front
    SiriusXM Lynx PowerConnect Vehicle Kit SXiV1 Dock Side
    SiriusXM Lynx PowerConnect Vehicle Kit SXiV1 Remote



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The SXiV1 Sirius XM Lynx car kit includes everything you need to listen to your SiriusXM Lynx Portable Receiver in your vehicle. The car docking station features a rotary control knob for browsing channels and PowerConnect™ technology allows easy, do-it-yourself installation.


  • Listen to live satellite radio using your Lynx Radio directly through your vehicle's stereo system*
  • Browse and quickly tune to channels with the Rotary Knob
  • Connect your Lynx Radio to your vehicle's stereo** with easy, do-it-youself installation
  • Change channels easily with the included Remote Control
  • Connect to your car stereo using Aux In, Bluetooth® Stereo Streaming or PowerConnect™ FM Transmitter
  • Charge your Lynx Radio while you listen in your vehicle
  • Stereo audio output - conenct to the Aux In of the vehicle stereo
  • FM Direct out compatible with the optional SiriusXM FMDA25


*SiriusXM Satellite Radio subscription required and sold separately. 

**Requires an FM car radio. Use the included Aux In cable if your vehicle's stereo has Aux In capability for best performance. Will also work with cassette adapter (sold separately). 


Sound Quality:

The Lynx Vehicle Kit uses PowerConnect technology which will help the SiriusXM Radio broadcast to your vehicle's FM Radio by injecting the signal thru your vehicles cigarette lighter adapter. If you live in an area with few FM radio stations such as many rural areas, this should be sufficient to hear clear Satellite Radio through your FM Dial. However if you live in a big city with numerous large FM radio stations this option may not suffice. In that case you have a few options. Click here for better sound quality options.