Sony SIRIUS Connect Interface SNYSC1

    Part Number: SNYSC1

    Quick Overview

    Sony SIRIUS Connect Interface for Sat-Ready Sony Radios

    Availability: Discontinued


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      Sony SIRIUS Connect Interface SNYSC1 Close Up
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      Sony SIRIUS Connect Interface SNYSC1 Contents


    The SIRIUS SNYSC1 SiriusConnect interface enables control and playback of a SIRIUS Portable or Dock & Play radio or hide-away tuner directly from an Sony in dash headunit. 

    Note: Must be used with a SIRIUS Tuner source, either SIRIUS Connect Vehicle Tuner orSIRIUS Connect Vehicle Kit SCVDOC1.


    • Connects with the line of SiriusConnect™ tuners and docks
    • Compatible with SAT Radio Ready Sony headunits
    • Includes pass-through for Sony CD changers or iPOD interface
    • Sony Interface SNYSC1
    • Power harness 
    • 2.5m UniLink™ bus cable and RCA audio cable 
    • Mounting screws 
    • Installation Guide