SiriusXM Low Profile Truck Antenna Tram 7732

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SiriusXM Low Profile Truck Antenna for SIRIUS & XM Radios

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The Tram 7732 Truck Antenna will work with both SIRIUS and XM Radios. More durable and better reception than using car antennas with your big rig.
  • Professional land mobile Class NMO mounting
  • Low profile, high-quality antenna with strong signal strength in XM frequencies
  • Stainless steel mount & bolts
  • Fully shielded NMO mount minimizes signal radiation, loss & leakage
  • Super-thick premium 17-ft RG-58/U coaxial cable, SMB female connector with Teflon® insulator

Compatible with ALL single-input dock or radio antenna connections. Below photos show a single-input antenna connection.