Refurb SiriusXM Portable Sound System BSXABB2

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    Refurb Sirius XM Portable Sound System BSXABB2

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    NOTE: If you are looking for a New SXABB2 portable boombox, Click Here.

    Note: An Updated version of this boombox can be found here as well.

    The SiriusXm SXABB2 is a portable boombox designed to work with most newer Sirius Radios and XM Radios as well as with the new SiriusXM Lynx radio. It's a great option for anyone who is looking for an all in one Sirius XM Speaker setup.


    • Compatible with select SiriusXM Satellite Radios
    • 2-way speaker system delivers SiriusXM Satellite Radio in crisp, dynamic stereo sound
    • 30W amplifier provides stunning audio
    • Flexible power options with the included AC power adapter or listen anywhere with battery power (Requires 8 C-cell batteries; not included)
    • Built-in headphone jack allows you to listen privately through headphones. Connect MP3 players, CD players or other audio devices via the auxiliary input
    • Concealed handle along with a built-in antenna cradle and cable storage offers easy portability
    • Remote allows you to operate both the portable speaker dock and docked satellite radio
    • SiriusXM Portable Speaker Dock SXABB2
    • Indoor/outdoor antenna with 21 foot cable
    • Remote
    • Radio adapters
    • AC home power supply
    • Owner's manual

    A new condition may also be available.  CLICK HERE to view pricing and availability.