RG-6 SIRIUS Radio Antenna Cable Extension Kit

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RG-6 Sirius Radio Antenna Cable Extension Kit

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    RG-6 Sirius Radio Antenna Cable Extension Kit


This kit includes the connectors and adapters to permit the use of standard RG-6 cable with SIRIUS radio antennas.

When used with the included amplifier, this kit can extend the antenna cable up to 125 additional feet (for a total of 145 feet with a standard antenna with its 20 foot attached cable). This provides the flexibility to allow an installer to cut RG-6 cable to custom lengths and/or to use plenum rated RG-6 cable where fire codes require.

Multiple amplifiers (one Model SBA-1 for each 125 foot segment) can be used to make longer cables.

For antenna installations involving runs in excess of 375 feet, the use of a power inserter (PS-1S for Sirius) is recommended to overcome the DC drop through the cable.

A 3 foot length of small diameter coaxial cable is supplied with an SMB plug to mate with the radio.