Refurb XM Snap In-Vehicle Satellite Radio BXSN1V1

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    Refurb XM Snap In-Vehicle Satellite Radio BXSN1V1

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      Refurb XM Snap In-Vehicle Satellite Radio BXSN1V1
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      Refurb XM Snap In-Vehicle Satellite Radio BXSN1V1 In Vehicle

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    Offer not valid on pre-owned radios, or on radios or tuners that replace an existing radio or tuner on an account.

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    The XM Snap makes it easy to add Satellite Radio to your vehicle. Just plug it into the vehicle cigarette lighter or power adapter socket, connect the antenna and listen to SiriusXM through the existing vehicle radio with simple, do-it-yourself installation. It's fully adjustable for convenient placement in the vehicle, so you can easily access the radio controls and clearly view the high-contrast display. The simple controls make it a snap to use – the large arrow keys navigate through categories, the rotary knob changes channels, and the preset keys store favorite channels for one touch access. It includes everything you need to listen in your vehicle. The XM Snap supports all programming packages currently available on the XM network, including “XM Premier (The Best of SIRIUS)” package.


    • XM Snap Satellite Radio
    • Auxiliary-in cable
    • Magnetic mount antenna
    • Owner's manual
    • Product Features
    • High-contrast display


    • Crisp display - Bright and clear so you can see the artist name, song/program title and channel and category information at a glance.
    • PowerConnect™ - Plugs into most vehicle's power adapter socket and plays SiriusXM Satellite Radio through the existing FM stereo.
    • Do-it-yourself installation for simple setup.
    • Flexible stalk - Fully adjustable with swivel allows for optimal placement in your vehicle. 5 channel presets
    • Store your favorite channels for easy recall.
    • Rotary knob - For easy tuning and scanning.
    • Arrow keys - make it easy to navigate categories.

    Subscription Information:

    The XM Snap is based on the XM Platform. For subscription options click here. To Subscribe call SiriusXM Radio at 1-866-528-7474 or activate online at www.siriusxm.com/refresh

    Sound Quality:

    The XM Snap uses PowerConnect technology which will help the XM Radio broadcast to your vehicle's FM Radio by injecting the signal thru your vehicles cigarette lighter adapter. If you live in an area with few FM radio stations such as many rural areas, this should be sufficient to hear clear Satellite Radio through your FM Dial. However if you live in a big city with numerous large FM radio stations this option may not suffice. In that case you have a few options. Click here for better sound quality options.


    A new version of this product may be available.  CLICK HERE for pricing and availability.