SiriusXM 5v Car Power Adapter Coiled Cord (Compatible w PowerConnect Jacks)


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Coiled 5v cord compatible with SiriusXM Powerconnect car docks. See Description for details.

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TSS Radio Exclusive Product

This Power Cord is an aftermarket alternative to the OEM SiriusXM PowerConnect Vehicle Power Adapter. This Coiled Adapter is more sturdy and durable but it is only for use as a Power Adapter and won't provide the FM Transmitter boost that the OEM Adapter will. If you have audio connected via an Aux Cable or an FM Direct Adapter this Coiled Cord is a good option.


Works with the Following PowerConnect Vehicle Cradles Only

IMPORTANT: It is crucial to confirm compatibility with your dock. This power adapter IS NOT compatible with all 5V docks. This power adapter will ONLY work with Color Coded Docks/Cradles. Please double check the back or sides of your dock prior to ordering.

Example of PowerConnect Dock  Tip of PowerConnect Adapter
PowerConnect Example PowerConnect Tip


PowerConnect™ is a method of connecting your radio to your car stereo's FM Radio. Put simply, PowerConnect™ cigarette lighter adapters send an FM signal to your car stereo rather than through the air.


Alternate Product Options

  1. If your old power adapter doesn't have a red tip, this won't work.  If you have an adapter with a red tip, go to step 2.
  2. All car docks/cradles have at least 2 cables attached to it - the satellite radio antenna, and the power cable.  These are all that are necessary to make the satellite receiver work.  In many cases a third cable is connected to help the audio connection.  If you have 3 cables connected to your dock, this is a great alternate Powerconnect Adapter.
  3. If you only have the power and antenna cables connected to your dock, this adapter may hurt the sound quality of the FM transmission strength currently used by your radio.