SIRIUS Stiletto Universal Boombox SLBB2

    Part Number: SLBB2

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    SIRIUS Stiletto Universal Boombox SLBB2

    Availability: Discontinued


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      Stiletto Boombox SLBB2


    NOTE: This is a discontinued product and available on a very limited basis. More parts may become available through our buyback program. Click here for more information.

    The Sirius SLBB2 portable boombox is a universal Stiletto Boombox. Designed to be used with the Stiletto 2 portable Sirius Receiver it is also backwards compatible with the Stiletto 10 and Stiletto 100.


    • 3-way speaker system features 4" subwoofer, 3" midrange tweeter combinations
    • 30W total power
    • Switchable bass EQ AUX IN for connecting other portable or other audio components
    • Headphone jack
    • Illuminated control keys
    • Built-in handles and antenna storage
    • Runs off 8 D-cell batteries for portable use or AC adapter


    Compatible SIRIUS Satellite Radios

    The radios listed below are compatible with the Soloist Universal Sound System.

    Stiletto Series
    Stiletto 10 SL10PK1 & Stiletto 100 SL100PK1 Stiletto 2 SL2PK1

    Stiletto 100 SL100PK1
    Stiletto 2 SL2PK1