SIRIUS Stiletto 2 Vehicle Docking Kit SLV2

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SIRIUS Stiletto 2 Vehicle Docking Kit SLV2

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    Stiletto 2 Vehicle Kit
    Stiletto 2 Vehicle Dock
    Stiletto 2 Vehicle Kit Contents
    Stiletto 2 Docked in SLV2


NOTE: This is a discontinued product and available on a very limited basis. More parts may become available through our buyback program. Click here for more information.


The Stiletto 2 Vehicle Docking Kit is essential for anyone who wants to use their Stiletto 2 in their vehicle. The kit includes all the accessories to both mount and dock your Stiletto 2 as well as receive a signal from the included car antenna. The included 5 Volt Cigarette Lighter Adapter will power and charge your Stiletto while driving. The built-in FM-Transmitter will broadcast the SIRIUS signal to your vehicle's FM Radio.





  • Complete Stiletto 2 Vehicle Kit with remote control
  • 10 channel presets for convenient use in the vehicle
  • One-Touch Jump™ button for direct access to local traffic and weather, or your favorite channel
  • Day/night sensor automatically adjusts display brightness
  • FM transmitter or stereo audio output to connect to your vehicle’s radio
  • Locking mechanism to secure your Stiletto while driving
  • Compact, sleek design with high-gloss finish
  • Charges Stiletto while you drive
  • Includes vehicle dock, remote control, magnetic mount satellite antenna, pedestal mount, FM extender antenna, vehicle power adapter


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