SIRIUS Stiletto Vehicle Docking Kit SLV1

Part Number: SLV1

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SIRIUS Stiletto Vehicle Docking Kit SLV1

Availability: Discontinued


    Stiletto 10/100 Car Kit
    Stiletto 10/100 Car Kit Contents
    Stiletto 10/100 Docked


NOTE: This is a discontinued product but we do have a bundle of parts that will work just the same here


The Stiletto Vehicle Docking Kit is essential for anyone who wants to use their Stiletto 10 or Stiletto 100 in their vehicle. The kit includes all the accessories to both mount and dock your Stiletto 10/100 as well as receive a signal from the included car antenna. The included 5 Volt Cigarette Lighter Adapter will power and charge your Stiletto while driving. The built in FM-Transmitter will broadcast the SIRIUS signal to your vehicles FM Radio.





  • 10 Preset Buttons
  • Finger Grip for convenient use in the car while driving
  • Jump button for instant access to SIRIUS traffic and weather
  • Locking mechanism to secure your Stiletto while driving
  • Will charge your Stiletto in the vehicle
  • Built-in FM transmitter
  • FM Preset button which will store up to 3 different FM frequencies
  • Stereo Audio Output


Compatible SIRIUS Satellite Radios

The radios listed below are compatible with the 5v Cigarette Lighter Adapter

Stiletto Portable Series

  Stiletto 10 SL10PK1 & Stiletto 100 SL100PK1

   Stiletto 100 SL100PK1