5 Volt Home AC Power Adapter for SIRIUS & XM (Generic Brand)


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5 Volt Home AC Power Adapter for SIRIUS & XM Home Kits Generic Brand

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    Generic 5 Volt Home AC Power Adapter for SIRIUS & XM Image
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    5 Volt Home AC Power Adapter for SIRIUS & XM with SL2
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    5 Volt Home AC Power Adapter for SIRIUS & XM w/ Home Dock


This is a replacement for the AC power adapter that is included with all of the the 5 volt Sirius and XM home kits currently available on our site. It will not work for older 12 volt models. It can also be used to directly charge the Sirius Stiletto and XM XMP3 Radios as well as power the SCH1 home tuner.

Note: This will not work with some car docks. So if you are using your car dock in your house, it is important to check for compatibility with the cradle you will be using. Click the compatibility tab to see some of the cradles compatible with the Sirius XM 5V Home AC Power Adapter and an example of a NON-COMPATIBLE dock.

Note 2: Item sent may be different from the product image.

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SIRIUS Universal Home Dock
Stiletto 10/100 Home Dock
Stiletto 2 Home Dock
S50 Home Dock


This power adapter may also be used with some vehicle docks. Here are the vehicle docks compatible with the 5V Home AC Adapter:

SIRIUS Universal Vehicle Dock
SIRIUS UC8 Vehicle Dock*
Stiletto 10/100 Vehicle Dock
Stiletto 2 Vehicle Dock
S50 Vehicle Dock


NOTE: This AC Adapter is NOT COMPATIBLE with any PowerConnect vehicle dock. The photos below show a non-compatible PowerConnect vehicle dock.

SIRIUS PowerConnect Vehicle Dock
Requires the SIRIUS XM PowerConnect 5V Home AC Adapter
Find it HERE

*NOTE: The SIRIUS UC8 Vehicle Dock looks nearly identical to the SIRIUS PowerConnect Vehicle Dock. They can be distinguished by the color-coded inputs featured on the PowerConnect dock. Please check for color coded inputs to determine compatibility.