SiriusXM Car Power Hardwire Kit

Part Number: MCHK2

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Eliminate the need for cigarette lighter adapter with our exclusive SiriusXM Car Power Hardwire Kit

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    SiriusXM Car Power Hardwire Kit Package Contents
    SiriusXM Car Power Hardwire Kit PowerConnect End
    SiriusXM Car Power Hardwire Kit PowerConnect


This kit includes everything required to hardwire the power any 12 Volt or 5 Volt SIRIUS and XM radio directly to a motorcycle or car electrical system. Whether 12 Volt, 5 Volt or 5 Volt PowerConnect this kit will do the job. It will work with most vehicle electrical systems that are 9-16 Volt.


Power converter

12V Power Cable

5V Power Cable

5V PowerConnect-Sized Power Cable**

Fuse Holder

Cable Mounting Hardware

**Although this kit will work with SIRIUS or XM PowerConnect docks & radios, it does NOT offer the FM transmission boosting capabilities found in the regular PowerConnect cigarette lighter adapter. It is recommended that you also wire in the audio signal of your radio to attain optimum sound quality.

Options for directly connecting the audio include: a mini auxiliary cablecassette tape adapterFM Direct Adapter, or Universal Audio Input


NOTE: The PowerConnect cable included in this kit has a yellow tip, unlike the PowerConnect Cigarette Lighter Adapter which has a red tip. This will not effect performance as this part is still fully compatible with your PowerConnect vehicle dock.